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Tim Jorgensen - Crust Gourmet Pizza, Mitcham, VIC


“Working with Waster has been really straight forward – with no nasty surprises. By my calculations – they have saved us roughly 20% on what we used to pay for waste and recycling pickups”


Tim explains – we took over the Crust Pizza restaurant in 2015 and have been working really hard building up our customer base and operations since then.


As there are lots of alternatives for customers to choose from in the prepared and take away food market we really focus on quality and customer experience to grow our business. This is of course getting even more competitive with things like Deliveroo etc.


In food service now -people only remember their last experience with you – and so we always strive to deliver top quality food at a great price.


“Clients now demand a great quality service every time – and that relies on excellent ingredients, customer service and of course a clean environment”


We signed up with Waster- having had unsatisfactory experiences with some previous suppliers – the usual stuff like rollover clauses etc and hidden extras.


We chatted to the team at Waster and arranged our services with them – it is pretty simple for us really – we have a general waste bin, our cardboard collections and the grease trap cleaning for the restaurant.


It was good to arrange all services through the one supplier – as it saves on hassle – and they always answer the phone to respond to queries.


For example – we had one week when we had lots of cardboard – after a function and we were concerned that it could be a fire hazard over the weekend. They were able to get it emptied that night which was nice.


Tim says – running a business is certainly a challenge but it is really rewarding. I love getting great feedback from our regular and new customers on their food and experience. It is really nice feedback and our team really appreciates it too.


Would you recommend Waster?

Yes I would – when you are running a business, you do not have time for hassles – and it is nice to feel that the company actually has time for you and your concerns. We have saved money with Waster, got great service and would be pleased to recommend them


Please visit Crust Pizza Mitcham at 537B Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham VIC 3132.


You can order online here – or check out their social media accounts here https://www.facebook.com/crustpizza/  to see the latest pizzas and sides.


Michael Borg - Hunters & Collectors, Dandenong, VIC


Michael Borgs runs innovative rubbish removal and auction business Hunters and Collectors in Dandenong Victoria

“As an auction house – we prevent lots of great items from going to landfill – and Waster is a great partner for us in that process”


Michael explains – we operate a pretty unusual business – but one that we feel has a real place in the modern economy – where people want to reduce waste and also on the other side – pickup some vintage items to decorate their homes.


Hunters and Collectors business model is quite original. They can provide rubbish removals throughout metro Melbourne and then can give people some money back in many cases by auctioning off any valuable items – it is thus a win win.


One person’s junk can definitely be another person’s treasure – which is true more than ever as people search for that special item in flea markets and antiques shops.


“We run an auction every Wednesday and also every second Saturday – and we have some customers that come back all the time – they sort of get hooked on finding that special item”


At our auctions – we can have everything from antique furniture to almost new computers – you never really know what we will have.


The reason we chose to work with Waster was that we have very varying waste needs – i.e. some weeks we have lots of rubbish and other times not so much. We needed that flexibility in collections and did not want to get locked into pickups that we do not need etc.


Waster has been very flexible with us  - i.e. some weeks we can have 8 bins collected and other weeks just the one. You never actually know how much waste you will have until that week – or sometimes the day before.


The good thing about them is that they always answer calls and reply to queries promptly which is very unusual nowadays.



Would you recommend Waster?

Yes – would certainly recommend to anyone seeking a flexible and helpful waste and recycling service.


Please visit Hunters and Collectors at 247 Princes Hwy, Dandenong VIC 3175.


You can check out what they have available for their upcoming auctions at http://huntersandcollectorsauctions.vpweb.com.au/ - where you can even bid online or see their social media at https://www.facebook.com/Hunters-and-Collectors-Auctions-884602228266727/