About Us – Our Story and Journey

Waster was founded to do a few simple things really well – deliver reliable, low cost waste and recycling to Aussie businesses


We founded Waster.com.au in 2015 with a clear vision – strip away the unnecessary complexity and high prices that prevented small and medium Australian businesses from boosting recycling and reducing costs. We had worked for many years in leading waste management businesses and passionately believed there was a better way of doing business. We observed a clear quality gap was visible between customer expectations and what the incumbent providers were prepared to offer.


Our offer focuses on doing the core things really well – delivering low cost waste and recycling services, at great prices and with excellent customer service. Of course, unlike other suppliers – all our services are on flexible 30 day agreements (because really – long term contracts benefit no one!)


Our vision is to provide small and medium Australian businesses with access to cheap, reliable and transparent services – in line with those procured by major national corporations. We passionately believe that this will boost recycling, drive diversion from landfill and help small and medium Australian businesses grow their profitability.


“Waster” and “Waster.com.au” are registered trading names of Waster Pty Ltd.

Waster Pty Ltd
ABN: 62 609 062 982
ACN: 609 062 982


Deliver savings
Waster seeks to make low pricing available to small and medium companies, helping boost their profitability and ending rip off contracts.
Put an end to lock in contracts
Flexible month to month contracts enable business owners to have confidence their waste service will match their needs – and that they will not be subject to unwarranted rate increases year after year.
Deliver leading edge, modern customer service
Waster offers modern and responsive customer service via phone, email and online – so you always get the assistance and answers you need.
Mr Waster thinks like a small business
Our blogs and customer service is from the persona of Mr Waster – of course our team have real names also! – We always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.

Planning the business

Waster was born from a passionate belief in giving our customers something valuable. We are proud of what we do.

Celebrating our successes!

We like to engage our staff and customer service teams to ensure they always give you the best service.


Rewarding our customers

We believe engagement with our customers and fueling word of mouth marketing is the key to our future growth


Keep up to date with all Waster developments

We will keep you informed of all the latest developments and changes. Please also follow us on Youtube, Google+ and Twitter to truly become a Waster!