Waste resources

waste resources

Please utilise the documentation, links and/or waste resources below to discover what to consider before engaging a waste service company. If you are a school group or student, our blog on waste and recycling for students may be useful.

Free consumers guide to waste services

Download your free consumers guide

Highlights 10 things to discover before engaging a waste provider Your free consumer guide


State waste levy information

Victoria EPA

Latest levy information Please see Victoria EPA website link
New South Wales EPA

Latest levy information Please see NSW EPA website link
Queensland DEHP

Latest levy information Please see Queensland Government website link
South Australia EPA

Latest levy information Please see SA EPA website link
Western Australia Waste Authority

Latest levy information Please see WA website link
Northern Territory EPA

Latest levy information Please see NT website link
Tasmania EPA

Latest levy information Please see Tasmania EPA website link
Australian Capital Territory EPA

Latest levy information Please see ACT EPA website link



Waste consultants

MRA Consulting

MRA is one of Australia’s leading environmental consultancy firms, specialising in all aspects of waste and recycling. See MRA Consulting here.


Waste Options provides waste management services for all sizes of businesses throughout Australia with the prime mission of being Flexible, Credible and Fair to all our clients. Please see Waste Options website

National Waste Consulting

National Waste Consulting’s vision and passion connects both environmental and financial aspirations together, for today’s businesses. Please see National Waste Consulting website

Athin Cassiotis

Athin provides waste consulting to firms seeking to optimise performance: See here for Athin’s Consulting offer.


Waste resources: Waste Minimisation information


National Waste Consulting Strong website run by Queensland Government

Free resources to help business boost recycling Queensland Government waste website

PlanetArk – non profit helping businesses boost recycling

Focusing on business recycling with useful directory PlanetArk website

Ecobiz website – run by Queensland Government

Helping businesses reduce environmental footprint and costs Ecobiz website
NSW EPA Bin Trim templates and calculator

Tool to help measure recycling performance Bin Trim website

Info on Waste Contracts by Queensland Government

A Guide to Reviewing Waste and Recycling Contracts PDF document link here

Free bin stickers and signage in regulation colours

Free resource for businesses to use Bin stickers accessible here


Business that helps recycle difficult items like hairnets and coffee pods – Terracycle website

Australian Packaging Covenant

Programme to improve packaging waste – see here.

National Television and Computer Recycling

Government scheme for ewaste items – see here.


Plastic bag and soft plastic scheme run through supermarkets – see here.

Fridge Buyback

A scheme (now closed) that bought back old fridges – see detail here.


An industry scheme for e-waste. See website here.


Scheme for unwanted or unused medication – see here.


Waste resources: Grease trap servicing info

Sydney Water Wastesafe details

Info on your regulatory responsibilities Sydney Water Wastesafe


Further industry info

Australian Government data and docs Access website here
Measuring the waste industry


Calculators and quizes

Recycling quiz for Australian primary schools – access here.

Carbon neutral calculator for businesses – access here.

How long does trash take to decompose – access here.

So you think you know how to recycle? – access here.


Waste resources: Industry-specific recycling flowcharts


Hair and beauty sector – find the flow chart here.

Office based businesses – find the flow chart here.

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