Waste removal Darwin: Darwin and the Northern Territory in general is a very special place. It is one of those magical places, a bit unlike anywhere else in the world (as can be seen in the beautiful sunset in the picture above). If Mr Waster was a tabloid journalist, he would have captioned the picture “the sun sets on high waste management prices in Darwin“. Be thankful Mr Waster is not a journalist as all he would write about would be recycling Darwin innovations and waste solutions Darwin that can save you money and help the environment.

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As at the date of writing in May 2020 – Darwin is also probably one of the safest places in the world as regards Covid 19 – with no cases in weeks. Hopefully the rest of Australia and the world will follow that lead in the very near future.


As business gets back to normal after the crisis – we cover in this blog – how to save money on your commercial waste removal services in Darwin and the surrounding area.



Quick tips for saving money on your waste removal Darwin


You can check out info about waste removal Darwin and budget bins Darwin through our waste resource page – it has handy links to Government websites and useful aids such as bin stickers etc. This can be a real help to putting in place an effective waste management of recycling Darwin optimisation plan for your business.


It is always good to be aware of the Council and Territory Government info such as landfill levies etc.


The quickest and easiest way to start saving money on your Darwin waste disposal is to follow the simple strategy:


A. Check where you are with your existing waste collection company
B. Get cheaper prices for bin collection Darwin services,Β  and
C. Optimise your Darwin rubbish collection services. Luckily Waster can help you with all 3 stages.


A. Check where you are – it is important to check your existing contract. The Darwin waste disposal industry is known for long term contracts and large annual rate increases. Once you check your paper work you should know whether you can leave your current contract or if there will be a financial cost to exiting early.


It is easier in 2020 to swap waste collection companies than in previous years as rollover clauses and lock in contracts are thankfully a thing of the past for small and medium businesses.


waste removal darwin


In 2020, there is no need to sign long term waste management services contracts as Waster offers flexible 30 day agreements with no hidden fees.


B. Get cheaper prices for Darwin rubbish collection (budget bins Darwin) – just have a quick browse in our online waste solutions Darwin shop – you will be able to quickly see how much you would save by moving to Waster.


The price you see is really the price you will pay. Β You may have experience additional charges from your previous supplier – things such as admin fees, bin rentals, site fees and the like. Waster does not charge these fees.


C. Optimise your services for bin collection DarwinΒ – Waster is committed to recycling and strongly suggests you consider reducing your overall waste collection costs by implementing some smart recycling services. We often find that implementing services such as cardboard collection or commingled recycling can help reduce your overall costs. The added benefit is that the environment will benefit too.


Many customers can be surprised that implementing improved recycling – using a simple waste management plan can really reduce costs on an ongoing basis.


Where does Waster provide waste removal Darwin services ?


Waster provides waste solutions Darwin and recycling Darwin services throughout the Darwin metro regions. The full list of postcodes is as follows:


0800, 0810, 0812, 0820, 0828, 0829, 0830. A map of areas serviced can be found on our website.


Suburbs serviced include (please not this listing of suburbs is not exhaustive – you should refer to the postcode listing above for the master version): Nightcliff, Rapid Creek, Coconut Grove, Ludmila, East Point, Fannie Bay, The Gardens, Parap, Woolner, Winnellie, Lyons, Tiwi, Lee Point, Nakara, Moil, Anula, Wulagi, Malak, Leanyer, Karama, Coonawarra, Berrimah, Hidden Valley, East Arm, Pinelands, Durack, Gunn, Palmerston, Bakewell, Rosebery, Moulden, Bellamack, Archer, Yarrawonga.


If you do not see your local area listed above – please contact us on 1300 927 837 or email us – and we will promptly answer your questions.


We regularly publish informative articles on varying cities around Australia; you can find an intro to waste management Hobart here.

How to organise your waste removal Darwin services

We know that organising bin collection services is not something any business person wants to spend much time doing. With Waster – you can rest assured that you are getting good pricing and great service.


Check out our recent customer reviews here.


The easiest way to check your prices for waste removal Darwin bins is through our online shop:



Alternatively, you could have Waster customer service agents provide the exact amount you would save by moving to a flexible 30 day contract for waste removal Darwin by accessing our free 24 hour waste management cost comparison. This service will (in a guaranteed 24 hour window) reply with a detailed cost analysis showing the savings you could make on a monthly and annual basis.


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