Rubbish removal Sydney – rubbish removal Sydney is usually regarded as a necessary evil. The key criteria for most small and medium businesses is simply “I want someone to take away my business rubbish cheaply and reliably”. Of course, as we know – that is not always that easy to find!


Waster would like to remind you however that this method of thinking can be an effective method to destroy dollars for your business – just as effective as driving away customers at the front of shop.


In some industries, rubbish removal and collection/disposal can equate to almost 5% of total business costs. This creates a huge opportunity for your business to significantly increase its profit margins.


If for example, we take the retail industry – profit margins in that industry can commonly be lower than 5% of total revenue i.e. costs are almost equal to revenue. Shops are basically struggling to break even. If in our little experiment, we assume that rubbish removal equates to 5% of the business costs – then halving the waste spend could actually increase profits by c.50%! That would be extremely impressive and appealing to all business owners – but how would we do it?


Of course I suggest you contact Waster at our website or submit a request for a free price comparison but it is also good to educate business people as to what to look out for.


Rubbish removal Sydney costs


As a rule of thumb, throwing away rubbish is going to be a cost to your business, but if you were able to imagine your bin full of valuable paper and cardboard or tin cans or metal etc? Of course in that case the “cost” to have your rubbish removal would be much lower.


A business can greatly decrease their costs by practising some of the common household chores we all practise i.e. separating out General Waste from the Recyclable components.


Because of Government waste levies and also the potential to achieve rebate payments for large volumes of recyclable commodities like paper and cardboard – it can often be significantly cheaper for recyclables to be collected from your business than General Waste – even to a factor of 5!


As a first step to decreasing your spend on rubbish removal and boosting your business profits – Waster would suggest you take a look in your bins – though of course not too close!


If your General Waste bin contains a large proportion of what looks to be recyclable commodities i.e. stuff like paper, cardboard, plastics, etc – there is a high chance that you could work with a trustworthy rubbish removal contractor to reduce your expense and hence boost your profits.


The added benefit of doing this is you help the environment at the same time as boosting profits. For once, doing the right thing by the planet does not burn a whole in your pocket.


You can also consider using your enhanced environmental performance as a marketing angle for winning new customers – just think, would you look favourably on a cafe in a beautiful area that recycles 90% of its rubbish (as long as the price of coffee has not increased)?


I know I would.


Cheap rubbish removal Sydney: as you will know if you are a customer of Waster or a regular reader of our blogs – we always strive to be an honest business and practice a model with transparent pricing, no lock in contracts and only billing for services that you have contracted for at the right price.


However, as with all things in life – we admit that sometimes things do go wrong and some customers do leave us.


We also have customers being unhappy with service for one reason or another. Our policy is to always strive to find a solution – and if we can not provide the service – we tell you as soon as possible.


For example – recently we have one customer unhappy that following site inspection – we were unable to provide the waste collection service as quoted.


All our quotes for cheap rubbish removal Sydney bins – have to be subject to site inspection by operations to confirm access hours, road quality etc. The last thing we want to do is implement services and then do a poor job!


Things that have gone wrong for Waster customers on cheap rubbish removal Sydney


At Waster, we know that things sometimes do not run as smoothly as they should – and when they do we really strive to rectify them as soon as possible. Below are somethings that do go wrong – whilst these are uncommon – they of course do happen in any business like cheap rubbish removal Sydney bins:


Misunderstanding the price of services for cheap rubbish removal Sydney bins: Through our online waste shop we make it clear that the prices are for collection : see below –


In this instance – we make it clear that the price quoted is for Collection and disposal of 1100 litre General Waste bin. Rate shown exclusive of GST. Pricing is for individual bin collection.


The pricing is clearly stated as for the collection of one bin – if you get it picked up 10 times a month, you pay ten times the quoted price.


See a video below for confidential paper services and the associated price per collection.



Some customers however, have argued that they believe the price quoted is for a monthly collection etc i.e. for unlimited collections.  Of course, in this scenario – all we can do is articulate the service agreement. We seek to be as open and honest as possible – i.e. with 30 day agreements – there is no reason for us to bluff or misrepresent terms etc.


Issues with bin deliveries – delivery of bins is one of the most problematic aspects of commercial rubbish removal Sydney. Often (more often than we would wish) bins are not delivered on the specified day. This can create considerable issues for customers and customer service staff alike. Nearly always the delay is just a day or two but it can be very frustrating for customers to not get the bin when expected.


This is usually due to a site inspection (prior to cheap rubbish removal Sydney) raising questions or operations checking access issues – such as clearance for the truck, council curfews and similar.


Cheap rubbish removal Sydney


A similar issue occurs when the first collection is missed (annoying but reasonably common occurrence with cheap rubbish removal Sydney services – this can occur for numerous issues but mostly from the unfamiliarity of the driver with the site – where the bin is positioned etc. It can also be because the client did not put the bin out at the required time.


What can we learn from this for cheap rubbish removal Sydney services – Waster strives to be as honest and open as possible in our dealings with customers, we keep our contracts as short as possible and do what we say on the tin – no lock in contracts, 30 day agreements and no hidden charges.


Check out our other blogs on topics such as cheap rubbish removal Sydney like  how technology is impacting waste management in Sydney and whether a waste supplier will hold you to contract in waste bins Sydney.


We are constantly working on improving our waste bills – to make them easier to pay.


What to think about when booking rubbish removal Sydney CBD services
In this quick blog we cover a number of issues that are particularly important in the congested streets of the Sydney CBD for CBD rubbish removal service. For other info on waste services in Sydney – check out our blogs on waste management in Sydney and waste services Sydney.


Key issues you may need to consider when arranging a provider for rubbish removal Sydney CBD include:


Council curfews: as the Sydney CBD generally is a densely populated area, there may be residential areas right next to your business location. This may result in council restrictions on when waste and recycling services can be performed. Garbage trucks can be pretty noisy and of course, no one likes being woken up in the middle of the night by trucks and waste bins moving.


If you are a CBD business – the last thing you want to do is drive away or alienate your potential customers!


rubbish removal sydney CBD


You may need to shop around a couple of waste companies (or simply use Waster!) to get a service provider who can meet your required time window for Sydney CBD rubbish removal. For example, we have worked with restaurants who have not wanted collections during their busy evening sittings or lunchtimes. See our blog on waste services for cafes.


Space available for bins: As space is commonly at a premium in the CBD – you may not have room for larger bins such as 1100 litre or 660 litre bins – it is unlikely you will be able to fit large front lift bins in the CBD.


We work with a number of companies who only have room for 240 litre wheelie bins – and hence require services every day. When you are looking at premises – you should consider is there a loading dock or can trucks access narrow alleys or lane ways near and behind your locations. We can arrange for smaller trucks when available – but this can cause complexity.


It is often required to get an access pass or key for the loading dock – in some instances rubbish removal Sydney CBD will require the truck driver to pull bins out of a garbage room.


If you work in the eastern suburbs of Sydney – check out our informative blog here.


Grease trap positioning: in the CBD – grease traps are often located in underground car-parks (which can be just as complex as rubbish removal Sydney CBD).


This can also cause complexity when arranging services and may require a site inspection to confirm what size of truck etc is required.


See our blog on rubbish removal Sydney north shore.


The good news re rubbish removal Sydney CBD!


Lots of rubbish can be recycled in Sydney CBD – if you have dry waste such as office waste and office recycling – speak to us – as it is possible to recycle over 90% of your waste.


Rubbish removal Sydney North Shore – some useful tips
We often get queries from potential customers asking can we help them with some cardboard collection of some hard waste collection / junk removal from their domestic residence when moving house.


Council transfer stations: if you have small amounts of cardboard or other recycling materials – it is nearly always the best option to take it yourself to a council waste transfer centre, such as the facility in Artarmon on the lower north shore.


This facility will take cardboard for free and can also accept other recyclable commodities.


Grease trap cleaning: Waster can provide grease trap cleaning on a schedule at $0.20+GST per litre (with minimum size of 1000 litres) and assuming the trap is easily acessible.


Areas covered in the north shore: we cover all suburbs in the north shore of Sydney including those below: East Killara, East Lindfield, Gordon, Hornsby, Killara, Lindfield, North Ryde, North Turramurra, North Wahroonga, Pymble, Roseville, Roseville Chase, St Ives, St Ives Chase, South Turramurra, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Waitara, Warrawee, West Pymble, Artarmon, Cammeray, Castle Cove, Castlecrag, Chatswood, Chatswood West, Cremorne, Cremorne Point, Crows Nest, East Willoughby, Greenwich, Hunters Hill, Kirribilli, Lane Cove, Lane Cove North, Lane Cove West, Lavender Bay, Linley Point, Longueville, McMahons Point, Middle Cove, Milsons Point, Mosman, Naremburn, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, North Willoughby, Northbridge, Northwood, Riverview, St Leonards, Greenwich, Waverton, Willoughby, Wollstonecraft, Woolwich.


Check out our blogs on waste management Sydney and waste services Sydney and Seven Hills Waste Management.


Living in somewhere as great as the Northern Beaches of Sydney and North Shore Region – is a real privilege.


It is really important to look after the environment and arrange responsible and cheap rubbish removal for your house or business.


If you have any queries – please call for a free quote – whether it is for a skip bin or regular bin services.


See our recent blog on how you can really reduce trash.


Check out a short video as below on the recycling initiatives being put in place by the Northern Beaches Council:


Rubbish Removals Sydney: we all know that rubbish collection services is one of those requirements for clean and pleasant living conditions.


In this blog we take a look at a small island that has been described as having the “world’s worst plastic rubbish density”.


Waster offers low cost and reliable waste and recycling services (such as rubbish removals Sydney and garbage recycling) to small and medium Australian businesses.


With our flexible 30 day agreements (for Sydney rubbish removal services) – you can say goodbye to lock in contracts, roll over clauses and heavy handed tactics. Check out our prices and bin options and book online today.


You can also contact us via phone call to our friendly team to discuss your unwanted items, green waste removals, type of rubbish or junk removal.


Rubbish removals Sydney – what would happen if the city did not have reliable services?
One of the most amazing things about Sydney – is its beautiful waterways and beaches – just imagine if they were polluted with rubbish and plastic debris.


That is exactly the problem experienced in the South Pacific Island – Henderson Island.


The problem is covered by a recent article on the BBC website.


The article discusses the impact of plastic pollution (caused by other countries – including Australia) dumping their waste and not processing it correctly – this has huge environmental impacts on un-populated islands such as Henderson Island.


The issue is so bad – the island is estimated to have c. 37.7m pieces of debris on its beaches.


“The island is near the centre of an ocean current, meaning it collects much rubbish from boats and South America.”  We have covered this issue in previous blogs  – i.e. the great Pacific rubbish area (see Recycling Facts Australia).


“The joint Australian and British study said the rubbish amounted to 671 items per square metre and a total of 17 tonnes.”


“A lot of the items on Henderson Island are what we wrongly refer to as disposable or single-use,” said Dr Jennifer Lavers from the University of Tasmania.”


“The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, described how remote islands act as a “sink” for the world’s rubbish.”


“In addition to fishing items, Henderson Island was strewn with everyday things including toothbrushes, cigarette lighters and razors.”


See other blogs we have published on the subject such as recycling bin (on how India is building roads from waste)  and what is waste management. Also see our blog on what can be recycled.


We have talked lots in recent blogs about how we need a comprehensive solution to plastic waste and also recycling in Australia.


China is not accepting Aussie recycling anymore and so we need to find smart ways of recycling in this country.


A thorough waste management plan on a national level and steps towards a true circular economy are vital.


Waste collection and storage of plastic waste is however a vital aspect, whether we recycle or not as plastic waste is causing havoc in our oceans and seas.


Waster can help you (whether home or business) and provide the waste removed service you require at a cost effective price.


See a video below on how a true circular economy would work. How far are we from this in Australia  in 2018?

Commercial rubbish removal Sydney: if you need to arrange commercial waste and recycling services for your business you are in the right place.


For services such as Sydney rubbish bin collections or grease trap cleaning services, if you do not have experience of any of the major players ( or even if you do) it can be very difficult to compare the varying offers you are presented with.


This is like any area where you are not an expert and of course – if you are a busy business owner you can not be expected to know everything – nor is it feasible to devote sufficient time to the task to learn all about waste management solutions!


Waster offers advice and education to customers – if you choose us for your waste and recycling services that is a bonus!


What is important is getting a great service at a great price . It is also about ensuring that you are not locked into an unsuitable contract for waste services that may come back to haunt you.


As you already put in so much hard work in your business – a good waste service should support you and let you focus on growing your business.


In this short blog today we will run through a number of the questions you should seek to consider and ask your supplier before signing up to a contract for junk removal or a rubbish removal service on an ongoing basis – i.e. our blog covers ongoing bin collections.


In this regard we have published a consumers guide to waste management and recycling services – which you can access for free here.

Can the supplier provide all your waste services?
Not all providers can provide all the rubbish removal services you need to reduce cost and maximise recycling – helping the environment. Some general waste collectors can not do building site waste (i.e. construction waste), some may not remove home or business waste or green waste.


For example many waste removal companies will not provide bin services for all waste streams i.e. what is called wet waste – i.e. containing high amounts of food or organic mater. This can apply to many business types such as cafes, restaurants or hotels. Some suppliers will not offer waste collections for organic waste or garden waste.


Some suppliers may not offer recycling options like commingled recycling (for bottles or cans) or confidential paper (i.e. document destruction) or ancillary services such as grease trap.


Not all suppliers will operate each day rubbish removal services – maybe only one day a week.


Waster provides all these services through our online waste shop for all cheap rubbish services relating to commercial rubbish removal Sydney:


Do you need to sign a long term contract for commercial rubbish removal Sydney services?
Many providers will want you to sign a long term, exclusive contract for services ranging up to three years in length. If you sign a contract like this, it can be very tricky to get out of it – i.e. if service quality is poor or for many other reasons.


All Waster services are delivered on flexible 30 day agreements – so you do not need to worry about signing a long term contract again. See our terms and conditions here. We also provide an example of how this can work for waste services for cafes.

Will your rates increase significantly or are there hidden costs?
Many suppliers will quote an introductory low rate – and then charge additional unexpected charges such as environmental fees, site fees, rental fees for bins and numerous other charges.


They may also increase rates multiple times per annum – you need to check the small print on this to ensure this does not happen.


Otherwise an originally low cost service can end up being anything but over time.


Waster keeps costs low and you can check our rates in our online shop. Our rates are adjusted once a year (usually on 1st July) so you do not need to worry.


Is there a rollover clause?

If you sign a long term contract, you need to be aware if there is a rollover clause – or what can be  known as an evergreen clause. This type of clause will basically mean your contract will roll on for many more years unless you provide notice in a small window that is noted in the original contract.


As a customer you may forget about this clause and are surprised to find out the are tied to a supplier many years after they thought the contract expired.


With Waster – you do not need to worry as all services are delivered on 30 day agreements.


Whereas some companies will offer such things as a “free quote” or free visit to site by a rep – Waster will be able to provide you pricing online – or via phone call if you prefer.




Arranging a reliable and good value waste or recycling bin collection service for your Sydney based business need not be difficult. It is in many ways a simple service – i.e. reliable and good value.


If you have any questions on commercial rubbish removal Sydney – we encourage you to contact our friendly customer service team and we will help you today!