Waste Bill Payment Options ✔️: At Waster, we are very aware that invoicing and billing is very important for customers. Receiving a waste bill that is accurate, on time and easy to pay with various payment options is very important.

In fact, in some of our online reviews, some people praised our invoicing and considered it very good. Correspondingly, some also considered it as a negative!

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In today’s blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about your waste bill and your waste charges. Invoicing is vitally important for any business and is not always as straightforward as you may think. To learn more about invoicing, take a look at this interesting Forbes article in that regard.


Waster waste bill payment options: our billing method

At Waster, we bill monthly in arrears. For example, if you start services with us in September, we will issue your first invoice in early October. Furthermore, the invoice will be dated the last day of the prior month (i.e., the 30th of September, in this particular case). Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. So in this case, payment would be due on 14 October.


When will your waste bill be issued?

As Waster uses the services of many different waste and recycling providers, your invoice may include services provided by many different trucking companies. This means that our invoices are issued a little later than some other waste and recycling customers.

We aim to issue your waste bill on the 8th working day of each month. This gives sufficient time for you to review your waste bill and waste disposal charges.

It should also be pointed out that your waste bill will vary month to month – based on the actual number of collections. In some months, there may be more collection days than others.


Direct debit payments, submitted credit card payments or payment on invoice

With Waster, you basically have two main options for paying your bill. We offer a 3 per cent discount on direct debit payments from a provided bank account. We offer a discount as it saves us significant time and effort in following up on slow payers. Please contact us at info@waster.com.au to request a direct debit request form.

You can also pay by a provided credit card  (e.g., Mastercard, Visa, Amex). Note that there is not a discount provided for credit card payments, but there is also no surcharge.

You will receive your invoice prior to the running of the direct debit payment file on day 14 each month. If you spot a discrepancy or query your invoice, of course, contact us and we will seek to rectify it prior to running the direct debit.


Payment on waste bill invoice

If direct debit does not suit your business, you can, of course, pay on the invoice (i.e., on 14-day terms from the end of the month). The following options are available for your waste management bill pay:

BPAY – through our online invoice – you can pay directly by BPAY

Bank transfer – make a payment to our bank account – noting your invoice number on the payment (otherwise it will be very tricky to reconcile!)

Online credit card payment – you can pay online by clicking your emailed invoice – and pay with Mastercard, Visa or Amex. There is no surcharge.

Call up to pay by credit card – you can call us on 1300 927 837 to make a payment over the phone.

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Automatic email reminders for overdue invoices

You will receive an automated invoice for any invoices (waste bill and waste disposal charges) overdue by 14 days (i.e., on the 28th of the month). You will also receive an automatic email showing any outstanding invoices at the beginning of each month.

Please note that the company policy is to put overdue accounts on stop service. In other words, collections will be paused when overdue.


Querying invoices and waste collection charges

If you have any queries on your waste bill, please send us an email or call us. We will investigate and rectify as soon as possible.


Payments set against oldest waste management invoice first

Payments received will be set against the oldest outstanding invoice. This means that if you missed your June invoice for some reason and paid the July invoice, the payment will be set against the June invoice. This may take 48 hours to show up on the statement be reconciled.

Please remember to add your invoice number to the payment. Otherwise, it will be difficult to reconcile!


Know more about Waster

Waster is one of the leading waste management companies in Australia and is innovative waste management and recycling business for small and medium Australian companies. We help you arrange all your smart waste solutions such as waste and recycling through one easy online system.

Waster offers a real alternative to small and medium Australian businesses for Melbourne rubbish collection and all kinds of recycling.

We provide regular smart recycle bin services in all bin sizes from 240 litres up to 4.5m front lift services. All our services are delivered on flexible 30-day agreements. You do not need to sign long term contracts or worry about hidden rollover clauses again.


Conclusion on waste bill payment options

We seek to make paying your waste bill as easy as possible for customers and obviously also for us as a business. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries in this regard.

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