Waste removal bill 🗑️: Waster was set up with the clear objective of delivering market-leading customer service to small and medium waste services customers. There are people who, up to now, have not enjoyed the best treatment, service levels or prices.

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Our commitment to high-quality customer service also covers waste services invoices for the waste removal bill as our experience is that unclear and poorly communicated invoicing can be one of the major annoyances for busy customers. Check out our About Us page for more detail on our customer service focus. Waster views itself as primarily a customer service business, not a waste company. See the headaches of complex invoices.

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As you can see from reading through our pricing inclusions page, Waster practises a policy of no hidden extras or additional charges on our flexible month-to-month waste removal bill.  We commit that you will only pay what you sign up for. If you cancel your services for whatever reason, all we ask is that you provide us with 30 days’ notice and pay a bin removal fee of $75 +GST per bin (if you have been with us for less than a year). This is compared to being held to a multi-year contract by other suppliers.


Why you should acquire your waste removal bill through invoicing

In this section, Waster provides you with reasons why we use an invoicing system for your waste removal or management bill.

Obviously, almost everything now revolves around technology. It was invented to make people’s and companies’ lives much easier than in the past. This applies to the waste management industry, as well.

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Basically, invoicing ensures that the customer and company receive and send, respectively, the product or service and payment details.

Additionally, as we will expand below, we also make it easier for our customers to pay.


Waste removal bill: ease of payment and clarity of billing

Through Waster, all services are billed one month in arrears. For example, if your services are performed in August, your bill will be issued in early September. We provide three payment options to suit all customers and to ensure we can offer you the lowest costs at all times.

The three payment options for the waste removal bill are as below. You can see them when signing up or on our terms and conditions page:


Payment options

The payment will be made by “the Customer” for services rendered by one of three methods:

  1.  Payment can be made by automatic direct debit from a provided debit account at zero surcharges. Debited on the 8th business day of the following month.
  2.  Payment can be made by automatic direct debit from a provided credit card at a 3 per cent surcharge (calculated on the debited balance inclusive of GST). Debited on the 8th business day of the following month.
  3.  Payment on 14-day terms on an invoice provided via email on the 8th business day of the following month at a 5 per cent surcharge (calculated on the total balance inclusive of GST).


Waste removal bill: delivered electronically

We utilise electronic delivery of invoices to minimise paper. Also, we do this to help the environment whilst easing processes for both Waster and customers. Your bill for waste services Sydney, for example, will be emailed to your designated email account or a tax invoice receipt will be forwarded if you have signed up for the direct debit option.

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Pick Waster now!

If you own a business, you may be looking for waste management and recycling services which provide you with an easy way to pay your waste removal bill. We will state the reasons here why you should choose Waster as your provider:


1. We will never lock you in long-term contracts

In fact, we believe in quite the opposite. Instead of the usual locked-in contracts offered by most companies, Waster offers flexible 30-day contracts with the payment delivery done electronically (i.e., through invoicing). Let’s face it; no waste management companies can truly satisfy every customer or client. As a result, we let our services do the talking and let you decide if you made a good investment.

Obviously, this applies to our every service.

To sum it all up, we took everything into consideration with this. Waster guarantees hidden fee-free, productive, and easily extended contracts with the best waste removal bill prices!


2. Our customers can easily reach us!

Whether you are a business book to our grease trap cleaning service, general waste bin, or any of our other bin collection and recycling services, you can easily reach Waster if needed. Waster offers modern and responsive customer service via phone, email and online. As a result, you will always get the assistance and answers you need!

We will never become a source of stress. In fact, rest assured our services will satisfy you!


3. Waster likes being on time and reliable

Time and time again, we always say this to our customers:

We provide fully-accredited logistics and facility operators. By saying so, we ensure the safety and efficiency of our services.

Additionally, we think like a small business – definitely, something needed from the best waste management companies. We know that running a small (or medium) business can be a real challenge; we seek to ensure running that business is as simple as possible. That is why we always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.

We also highly recommend that businesses follow a waste management plan to boost their recycling, pick the right wheelie bin sizes for your business and lower their costs sustainably for kerbside bin collection. This is something we always suggest to businesses: boosting their recycling.

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