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mr waster smart waste management

All cheap pricing includes market leading customer service, invoicing, reporting and call centre

All waste management services for smart businesses provided by fully accredited logistics and facility operators, ensuring safety and efficiency

Pricing equivalent to that enjoyed by major national chains โ€“ boosting your profitability. In addition, month-to-month agreements

Waste Management For Smart Businesses!

Waster is an innovative solution for all your waste management and recycling needs. Additionally, we enable smart businesses to access the lowest cost/cheapest waste management, recycling, bin collection, removal and disposal prices available in the Australian garbage and recycling market whilst requiring no lock in contracts, no unjustified rate increases and no hidden costs. Waster operates in all metro regions throughout Australia, unlike other waste management companies in Australia!

How much can Waster, the waste management for smart businesses, save you? Ask for a free, 24-hour cost comparison now!

Smart Businesses: Start Saving On Waste Management Services Today!

No Hidden Fees And Lock-in Contracts

This is unlike other waste management companies in Australia! You pay exactly what you have signed up for and not a dollar more! Obviously, our month-to-month contracts mean exactly that. Furthermore, we know business is not always plain sailing. So, you can end your waste management contract by providing a monthโ€™s notice at any time (with no reason required.) Make sure to visit our pricing inclusions page to confirm if a small bin removal fee is payable (for short-term customers).

No site fee or bin rental (on scheduled service)
No weekend or public holiday surcharge
No environmental fee

General Waste Bins

Waster provides general waste collection services for businesses in bin sizes from 240-litre wheelie bins up to 4.5m Front Lift bins.

Grease Trap Cleaning

We also provided smart businesses grease trap cleaning as a waste management service. Arrange grease trap cleaning for your cafe, restaurant or food service business. Waster also provides certified grease trap cleaning services in line with your local water authority requirements.

Commingled Recycling

Commingled recycling bins is a really versatile option for your cans, bottles and packaging. Moreover, it can be a really good option to boost your recycling rates and reduce costs. Bin sizes from 120 to 1100 litres available.

Cardboard & Paper Bins

Cardboard and Paper bins should be the first option you consider when seeking to save money and easily boost your recycling. For this reason, Waster offers bin sizes from 240-litre to 4.5 cubic-metre options.

Confidential Paper Disposal

Waster provides secure document destruction services in both 120-litre and 240-litre bin sizes. So, let us take care of your document disposal requirements at low prices whilst having complete confidence in your security and privacy.

Sanitary Bins

A clean washroom experience can really improve customer and staff morale and feedback. As a result, Waster provides reliable and high quality sanitary bin services at low costs (22 litre bin sizes).

Skip Bins

Arrange low cost skip bin services for your home or business. We provide next day delivery for skip bin sizes from 2m3 to 10m3.

General waste bins
Grease trap cleaning
Commingled recycling
Cardboard & paper bins
Confidential paper disposal
Sanitary bins
Skip bins
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Waste Management For Smart Businesses: Low-Risk And With Flexible Agreements

Designed for Small & Medium Businesses In Need Of Waste Management And Recycling Services

We work with smart, small and medium businesses that needs waste management services just like yours. So, let us help you reduce costs and boost recycling! We are one of the best-reviewed waste management companies in Australia.

Waste management for smart businesses!

We believe in our wide community. So, we match customer donations to plant trees through Greenfleet. We also offer generous referral bonuses to customers who recommend friends to Waster.

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