Waste Management Melbourne 2024: we all know that there is a rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney – covering so many topics including; which is the most cultural metropolis, which has the best sports, which is the most livable city and also of course – which serves the best coffee.

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Waste management Melbourne

Mr Waster is not going to weigh in on the questions above – but we will take a look today at which city is more sustainable – and also how to arrange your waste management services in Melbourne for any business type.

2020/21 was probably one of the toughest years that Melbourne residents and business owners have ever had to face – and so I am sure you are as happy as we are to know it is 2022 – and everything seems to be improving!


What Waster offers to small businesses in the Melbourne metro region

If you are a business seeking waste management services in Melbourne such as garbage and recycling collections, or niche services such as grease trap cleaning, sanitary bins or medical waste services – Waster can certainly help you with all your needs.

Waster offers a real alternative to small and medium Aussie businesses in Melbourne based on flexible 30-day agreements, no hidden charges and an end to rollover and lock-in contracts.

You can arrange all your waste management solutions such as rubbish collection, green waste, grease traps, sanitary bins etc.

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Melbourne waste management: which city is more sustainable?

The City of Melbourne is making real strides toward being regarded as an eco-conscious city.  For example, the local City council is focusing on:

 – “Our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.”

 – “Less municipal waste-to-landfill with a less negative impact on amenity from collecting waste.”

 – “Sustainable water management.”

 – “Increased biodiversity and tree canopy cover in the municipality.”

 – “Climate change impacts on the municipality are managed.”

These objectives are very commendable. But we are asking which city is more sustainable right now. And according to news.com.au, Melbourne ranks behind Sydney! See our blog on recycling in Melbourne.

“Unlike many other surveys of global cities, the Sustainable Cities Index placed Melbourne below its arch-rival of Sydney.”

“A lot of people get confused with sustainability being just about the environment but, by our definition, balancing immediate needs of the population without compromising the needs of tomorrow is the heart of a sustainable city,” said Greg Steele, chief executive officer of design and consultancy firm Arcadis’ Australia Pacific arm, which commissioned the research.”

“In the global rankings, Sydney was the world’s 21st most sustainable city, Brisbane the 30th and Melbourne 32nd.”

You can check out other articles on Melbourne waste management such as Melbourne rubbish removal and garbage collection Melbourne.


Melbourne is a great place to live!

Melbourne is consistently ranked as a great city to live in due to its sustainable nature, culture, green spaces and entertainment.

There have been numerous steps forward in sustainability in Melbourne in recent years such as the campaign to end single-use coffee cups and drinking straws.

It should also be noted that your local council will provide a hard rubbish service at regular intervals during the year.

Check out an informative video below on the sustainability journey being undertaken by the City Of Melbourne, which, of course, touches on green spaces, waste and resource recovery and sustainability:

YouTube video


Do you really need to sign a long-term contract for your Melbourne business rubbish collection?

If you have a waste management contract in front of you from a potential garbage collection supplier you may be thinking “Do I really need to or want to sign an exclusive contract with a supplier for up to three years”?

You can also check out a recent article we did on document destruction in Melbourne. For business in Geelong see our article on organising waste management in Geelong.

It is easy to understand why a waste management Melbourne supplier may want to lock you into a long-term contract (i.e., security of revenue and the potential to increase your prices down the track).

They may provide an artificially low rate at the beginning of the contract to entice you into signing. Remember that most business sales reps will be rewarded financially (in one way or another) for getting you to sign the dotted line. Often, their remuneration will also be based on how long you sign for.


Why would you not want to sign a long-term waste management Melbourne contract?

The reasons why a waste management Melbourne customer may not want to sign a long-term contract are numerous. They include considerations such as you may be only starting in business and not want to lock in a long-term contract; you have not shopped around many suppliers so are uncertain whether you are receiving a good deal.

You may need to move business locations during the life of the contract, or simply you do not want to be locked into a long-term waste management Melbourne contract.

After all, within 3 years, your business could be a very different entity than it is now!


Rollover clauses in waste management Melbourne contracts

There will likely be a rollover clause in any contract you see for waste management Melbourne services. This clause could read something like the below:

“This waste management agreement will automatically renew at the end of each term for a further term of 3 years unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least 30 days prior to the end of the relevant term”.

Clauses like this can also be known as automatic renewal or evergreen clauses and will renew a contract unless notice to terminate it is given within a time window prior to the expiry date. A major issue with clauses of this type is that most business owners are extremely busy and can easily miss this window. They have more to be doing than looking at the small print in old contracts!


Changes to rollover law in November 2016 and also in November 2017

The legislation came into force on 12 November 2016, providing small businesses with similar protection to private individuals. The unfair contract terms protections available under Australian Consumer Law will also be extended to cover small business contracts ( a small business will have fewer than 20 employees and the contract value will be capped at $300k or$1m if it is longer than a year).

Unfortunately, the new laws will not apply retrospectively but only on contracts agreed upon or varied after 12 November.

Of interest to Waste management Melbourne customers are provisions in contracts that the legislation views as “unfair”.

A. The right to unilaterally vary the contract

B. Early termination fees

C.Limited or no liability

D.Automatic rollover or evergreen clauses

E. Right to terminate without cause

F. Liquidated damages

From this date, it will be much harder for suppliers to sign customers to automatic rollover clauses.

YouTube video

Subsequent to this ruling, the ACCC further ruled on the issue in November 2017. You can see more of the details here.


Your alternative for waste management in Melbourne

Waster provides low-cost, flexible 30-day contracts that are the opposite of a long-term locked-in contract.

Our pricing will not vary until stated. And we rely on excellent service to keep customers, not constraining contracts. Have a look at our waste services to see the difference we can make to your business. We also cover whether your supplier will hold you to contract in our blog on waste bins in Sydney.

Waster covers all of Melbourne metro, as well as Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo. We are constantly expanding our service areas to help more and more Victorian businesses.

You can easily and securely arrange all your business waste services through us, meaning you can get bundled pricing discounts and only need to deal with one invoice a month!

All your services will be on flexible 30-day agreements, so you can not really go wrong.

We provide collections in all standard bin sizes from 240-litre wheelie bins to 4.5m front lift metal bins – whatever is best for your business!


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Waste disposal Melbourne

Waste disposal Melbourne: Melbourne is famous for numerous things such as sports, coffee, cultural life etc  – and they all add up to make the Victorian capital one of the most liveable large cities in the world (Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most liveable city for EIU for the sixth consecutive year in 2016 and continues to perform very well.) Of course, to keep the city so clean and pleasant, a high-quality sanitation and waste disposal network is required throughout the city.

Waster is a revolution in Australian waste management as we offer reliable, trustworthy waste and recycling services (such as Melbourne rubbish removal) to small and medium businesses at great prices and on flexible 30-day agreements – so you do not need to worry about long-term lock-in contracts or the dreaded rollover clause again.


Waste disposal Melbourne: planning for the future

The Victorian Government has produced a long-term strategy for waste disposal in Melbourne and increasing recycling.  Check out The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan. Key quotes from the doc are as below:

“Melbourne’s population is growing and so is its waste. Over 10 million tonnes of unwanted materials were thrown out by Victorians in 2006-07. The Towards Zero Waste Strategy sets the direction and vision for a more sustainable Victoria. It seeks to minimise the amount of waste that Victorians generate and maximise opportunities for recovering materials. Towards Zero Waste (TZW) established goals for Victoria’s solid waste management and resource recovery. Its targets, to 2014, cover all types of solid waste from all sectors.”

“The strategy is guided by three main objectives:
 – to generate less waste;
 – to increase the amount of materials for recycling
and reprocessing;
 – to reduce damage to our environment caused by waste.”

“Melbourne’s population is expected to increase significantly during the life of the Strategic Plan, as is its waste. Assuming a continuation of trends expected under TZW, projections suggest that compared to 2006-07, a further 30 per cent more waste will be generated in 2030, and an additional 3.2 million tonnes will need to be recovered for reprocessing.”

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With rising prices for waste and recycling due to the ongoing crisis in Australian waste management – it is vital to save money and make economies where you can. This includes general waste as well as niche services like hard waste and green waste.

There are many promising ideas being put in place in Melbourne and Victoria from new transfer station facilities to better rubbish tips – and we aim to keep you up to date on all this info in our blogs.

Check out the short video on waste and recycling projects being put in place by the City Of Melbourne:

YouTube video

We recently published a step to step guide to arranging Melbourne bin collection services.

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