Is Waster for me?

Waster is designed for small and medium Australian businesses who have traditionally received poor service and high prices for their waste and recycling services.

Reliability & Service Quality

We know that service reliability is vital when booking bin services. Waster uses the best truck and facility options for each waste or recycling stream and location.

Customer service

Waster sees itself as a customer service business- not a waste business. Our primary objective is solving your problems and ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Is Waster for me?
Reliability & quality of service
Customer service

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

KEEPING WASTE SERVICES SIMPLE! is specifically designed for small and medium sized Australian business that operate from one or multiple sites. Our business model is built on offering waste services at prices and conditions previously only available to major corporates to all Australian businesses. We also offer better quality service and account management than even major corporates have enjoyed to date. Get a quote in real time for your specific needs and test the Waster difference.

Waster seeks to offer low and transparent pricing to our customers that beats the existing waste service providers. Our contract terms are based on a no-lock in, month to month basis so you have no downside or risk of being locked into an unsuitable contract or face surprise price increases.

Waster recommends you check your existing bin service providers invoice to see what size your current bins are. This also serves to demonstrate the price reduction you will receive by moving to Waster. Otherwise you can contact us via email or phone call and our customer service agents will talk you through the most appropriate bins and service schedule for you. Remember your bins and service schedule can of course be changed at any time (with one month’s notice).

Yes! – The price you are quoted is the per service charge (i.e. collection of one bin or container) you will pay under your agreement. Following your online booking, one of our friendly and helpful customer service agents will contact you to confirm your details such as address, business type, contact details, services requested etc. Once these details are confirmed your services will be agreed on a month to month ongoing basis.

As there are varying number of days in each month – your bill will slightly vary as the total cost is calculated as the service cost x the number of services booked in the month.

Waster currently services all capital cities throughout Australia through our online model. If we do not quote a price for your location on please contact us and we will respond with a pricing quotation within 24 hours. Any quotation will be under the same no lock in contract basis and terms and conditions as per services contracted through

Waster offers market leading reliability and dependability of service by utilising only fully licensed, accredited and vetted service vehicles, facilities, landfills and recycling locations. By utilising a wider network of both vehicles and facilities, Waster can provide back up services in case of any unforseen problem.

Incumbent suppliers offer waste services typically on long term lock in contracts with penalties for early exit. Waster is designed to provide a customer focused business model that enables month to month contracts.

Yes – by making a comprehensive portfolio of services available to our customers on a no lock-in and transparent basis we enable you to maximise recycling whilst minimising your total cost. Check out our article on whether you can expect to get free cardboard recycling in 2016. Please contact us if you would like any advice on selecting the bins required to maximise your recycling please contact us.

Yes. Waster and all vehicles, personnel and facilities are fully insured and hold all required licenses to perform the contracted services.

Waster bills one month in arrears – i.e. if your services were performed in January, our invoice will be issued on the 5th business day of February.

All invoices are sent via email demonstrating the balance payable and outstanding amounts.

Payment options available:
1. Monthly direct debit (3% discount). Payment automatically debited on working day 8 of following month.
2. Payment of invoice by bank transfer or credit card on 14 day payment terms.
A Waster customer support agent will contact you by telephone to set up your payment method preference. commits to replying to queries within 6 hours during business hours.

Due to council access restrictions – we do not provide bin collection services at private homes. We can provide services to businesses such as child care facilities / medical practises etc – which may be in residential areas. Please contact us if you require clarification in this regard.