Timber Pallet Recycling πŸͺ΅: If your business produces a lot of timber or wooden waste or uses pallets for deliveries and movement of products you will be aware that waste management and timber recycling can create some issues.

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If you are a joiner, cabinet maker, kitchen manufacturer or any other type of business using large amounts of timber, you will likely be more than aware of the issues this can create for your waste management. You certainly need to make some adjustments and put in place some sensible recycling strategies. Of course, you can try to implement timber pallet recycling and call for services to deal with them in your stead.

Otherwise, your ongoing waste management costs could be very high indeed!


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What you should know about Waster

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What are the problems with timber in your waste management?

The major issue that we need to address is that timber is an extremely heavy and hard material, hence making timber or timber pallet recycling difficult. This creates two major issues for normal bin services such as front lift or rear lift bin collections.

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Timber wood is very heavy. As your normal bin services (that go to landfill) are priced based on weight. A bin with wood or wood items such as sawdust could be extremely heavy indeed. This could result in an unexpectedly higher price per collection.

In recent times, dumping a tonne of waste at a landfill will cost you a great sum of money. With that said, it is certainly possible that a large bin with lots of timber – could weigh this much.

Timber wood can damage a regular garbage truck. Timber can be very hard and rigid. And so, large pieces of strong timber can damage the compression machinery in a regular garbage truck.


Timber Pallet Recycling: a viable solution for many businesses

So, what are the recycled timber Sydney collection services actually available to a business?


Option 1

For items such as smaller pieces of timber or food panelling, a dry general waste service can work. This will be based on a higher weight category (i.e., around 200kg per metre) due to the weight of the bins.

Note that some waste companies may prefer not to accept sawdust in large quantities.


Option 2: using a construction skip

They will be separated out at a depot.

By booking a timber pallet recycling or other timber waste service, the timber will be separated from other construction materials such as concrete in the yard. Many of these items will then be recycled.


Option 3: a dedicated timber pallet recycling skip collection

If you have large amounts of wood or timber waste, a dedicated timber pallet recycling skip collection service is likely the best option for your business.


What does timber pallet recycling services involve?

It is a real pity when timber goes to landfills. Did you know that recent Australian statistics suggest c. 13% of all waste going to landfills is wood-based? Obviously, we should go ahead then and recycle them!


Items such as softwood, hardwood, wooden boards, wooden panels, chipboard etc. can go in a timber recycling skip collection.

The timber and wood collected will usually be used for mulching, which in turn would be used as compost, wood chips or recycling into new wooden products.

It thus avoids landfill and landfill levies.

Waster offers low cost and accessible recycling in Australia solutions for many commodities such as paper and cardboard, plastic recycling, commingled recycling, organic waste solutions etc.

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Why consider timber recycling for your business?

Timber and timber pallet recycling is a good solution for many businesses for the following reasons:

It reduces the weight of general waste bins. General waste collections are priced on the weight of the bin (i.e. usually the heavier the bin, the more the collection service costs). Of course, timber is very heavy and dense. Hence, it will push up the weight and related costs for your general waste bin service.

Timber can significantly boost your overall recycling performance. Again, as recycled timber is very dense and heavy, your recycling performance as a business can significantly jump.

Timber recycling can be significantly cheaper than general waste services. For example, in NSW, timber recycling can be estimated at half the price of an equivalent general waste service.

As per Wikipedia: Β “recycling timber has become popular due to its image as an environmentally friendly product. Common belief among consumers is that by purchasing recycled wood, the demand for “green timber” will fall and ultimately benefit the environment. Greenpeace also views recycled timber as an environmentally friendly product, citing it as the most preferable timber source on their website. The arrival of recycled timber as a construction product has been important in both raising industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation and promoting timber mills to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.”

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As part of our commitment to the Australian environment and recycled timber Sydney services, we have partnered with Greenfleet to plant native Australian trees. See our blog on office rubbish removal SydneyΒ and national resource recovery.


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