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Choosing a grease trap management and disposal company isn’t easy because you may not know exactly what is required as a business owner in a cafe, restaurant or food service business. Questions such as how often or on what schedule you require a grease trap cleaning or disposal service - and how many litres? Even  - can you check if your trap needs cleaning by looking in the trap!


You start by reading this Consumer’s Guide to grease trap cleaning near me. In this fact-filled booklet, you’ll discover how to avoid grease trap cleaning rip-offs, six mistakes to avoid when choosing a grease trap contractor for your restaurant or cafe, and also guidance on how you can avoid headaches regarding your trap such as how often you need to arrange grease trap maintenance and cleaning.


We wrote this guide to help you better understand grease trap cleaning services near me. Now, with this information, you can make an informed, intelligent decision. Waster is the No.1 rated Grease Trap Pumping Company in Australia! Who knew cleaning grease traps was so interesting!

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Where Does Waster Provide Grease Trap Pumping Services?

Waster provides low cost and reliable waste and recycling services in all major cities throughout Australia.

By clicking on Online Quote – you can see flat pricing for all available locations.

Contact us or for grease trap Sydney, grease trap Melbourne, Brisbane grease trap costs, Adelaide grease trap emptying or Perth grease trap disposal or collection.

We provide:

Grease trap cleaning near me

Grease trap cleaning Sydney, Grease trap cleaning Newcastle, Grease trap cleaning Canberra, Grease trap cleaning Brisbane, Grease trap cleaning Gold Coast, Grease trap cleaning Melbourne, Grease trap cleaning Geelong, Grease trap cleaning Ballarat, Grease trap cleaning Adelaide, Grease trap cleaning Darwin, Grease trap cleaning Perth, Grease trap cleaning Tasmania i.e. Hobart.


For more details on grease trap management near me – please check out the article linked here.

Contact us today if you are seeking grease trap cleaning near me. Note – grease trap cleaning is also referred to as grease trap emptying, grease trap waste removal, grease trap waste disposal and grease trap servicing.


Waster tries to keep our terms and conditions as clear and as fair as possible. You can see them all listed here.

We provide grease trap maintenance and cleaning services in line with the relevant water authority and EPA legislation. We can not indicate what your cleaning schedule is – as that is set by your local water authority – Waster services traps in line with the set frequency.

For details on your set grease trap cleaning schedule – please contact your local water authority such as Sydney Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water etc. For any more details on grease trap removal services please contact us.

How Frequently Do I Need To Clean My Grease Trap?

Your grease trap cleaning schedule is set by your local water authority. It may be monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or even once a year.

Grease trap cleaning Sydney is regulated by Sydney Waster.

Ensuring you arrange grease trap maintenance and cleaning in line with your allocated schedule will ensure your trap does not overflow, or get blocked or clogged with grease and fat – which can cause major problems. You may also see a grease trap referred to as a grease interceptor.

This will ensure you do not need to engage a grease trap company to provide emergency grease traps solutions when your trap is overflowing. Contact us if your grease trap is currently clogged, blocked or overflowing.


How Much Does Grease Trap Cleaning Cost?

How much does it cost to clean a grease trap? The cost of grease trap cleaning is based on the size of your grease trap. Waster charges for grease trap cleaning on a per litre basis – with a 1000 litre mininum charge to cover grease truck transport. You can check your specific pricing in our online portal and book online today.

Cleaning grease traps requires a specialist vacuam truck and for the grease trap cleaner to be registered with the local water authorty. Grease trap treatment is different in each State and Territory.

Your grease trap cleaning price will start from c. $170+GST per service for a 1000 litre trap depending on location.

A 1500 litre trap for example will be charged as 1000 litre plus the cost per litre for further 500 litres.

Grease traps vary in size from small 600 litre grease traps to common 1000 litre or 2000 litre traps. Larger businesses like large restaurants or industrial factories may have traps much larger than this.


A grease trap or grease arrestor is always full

A very common question as regards grease trap arrestor maintenance and cleaning – is why is the trap full after cleaning.

A grease trap is a box of water – that filters grease and fats – and so gradually fills up from the time it is last cleaned or emptied. When serviced – the grease trap contractor – turns the water supply off. They then pump out the waste in the trap – scrape the sides and bottom – and refill with water.

The trap will then be full of water. Over time it will fill with grease, fat and food waste and become clogged, blocked and overflow if not cleaned again. If left for too long you will likely see the trap overflowing – i.e. with water being pushed out onto the ground.


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