120 litre Cytotoxic Waste Bin Service ⚕️ Cytotoxic Waste Bin


Collection and disposal of 120 litre Cytotoxc waste bin

Smaller bin size option – standard wheelie bin size.

Victorian prices include a mandatory $5 dollar EPA waste tracking fee (i.e. no additional fee).

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120 litre Cytotoxic Waste Bin Service ⚕️ Cytotoxic Waste Bin

Smaller bin size option – standard wheelie bin size.

Cytotoxic waste includes drugs and intravenous solutions used primarily for cancer treatment. Due to its high toxicity and hazardous nature, this waste needs very careful handling and transport. Any PPE worn and used should also be disposed of in this bin.

Waster provides the bin – delivery in c.7 business days from ordering. No delivery fee.

Swapped for new bin each time collected.

0.12 cubic metre capacity – smaller wheelie bin.


Cytotoxic waste is waste associated with cytotoxic drugs which contain chemicals that are toxic to the cells. This includes materials, equipment, and residue that are contaminated by cytotoxic drugs.

Cytotoxic drugs, which are also called antineoplastics, are usually administered to people with cancer and diseases like multiple sclerosis because they prevent the replication and growth of cells. Since the abnormal cells causing these illnesses grow rapidly and uncontrollably, aggressive medication such as cytotoxic drugs are needed to impair and eradicate them quickly.

The typical dimensions of a 120 litre wheelie bin for cytotoxic waste is c. 93cm Height x 48cm Width x 55cm Depth.

We provide a range of compliant cytotoxic bins and containers and can provide scheduled pickups to suit your needs. Your waste will be treated in a specialist waste facility.

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