Can You Recycle Biscuit Trays? 🍪: In this blog, we discover whether or not you can recycle your biscuit trays. What do you think will be the verdict? Continue reading this blog first to learn more. 


Here at Waster, we always emphasise the importance of recycling. That is why, we always advertise the upsides of it. Businesses, in particular, can save costs by greatly reducing the amount of waste going into their general waste bin, whilst both businesses and households can enjoy a better, cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Recently, one of our most frequently asked question – or simply FAQ – is about those thin, flimsy and a bit hard plastic trays that usually holds biscuits, fruits or meats’ recyclability. Not a lot knows what to do with their plastic biscuit trays, so we have written this blog to help spread out some useful information on what to do with them.

Of course, the first thing that should come to mind when dealing with biscuit trays: “recycle it!” We all want to do our part in saving the environment, so this option should not come as a surprise. However, is this option – recycling biscuit trays – possible for all? Or, is the only way to deal with it throwing it in your kerbside rubbish bin.

Below, we finally answer this question that is usually asked by our readers. Read on to learn more.

Short answer: it depends on whether or not your local council considers biscuit trays as soft or rigid plastic. If it is the former, then go ahead and recycle them. If not, then throw them in the rubbish.

– Mr Waster


Waster provision: recycling solutions available for small and medium Aussie businesses

Before we take you further into the discussion and determine whether or not you can recycle plastic biscuit trays – in other words, debating whether or not it is possible to recycle it in every area – we want to share Waster with you.

Who is Waster? Why do plenty consider it as one of the best waste and recycling companies in Australia?

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In every local scene, can you recycle biscuit trays?

Those plastic trays containing biscuits or meat, or even fruit punnets – can we go ahead and place them in our kerbside recycling bin?

Not to get you confused or anything, the answer to that is dependent on where you currently live. Some local councils consider it as a soft plastic. If your local council considers biscuit trays as soft plastics, then go ahead and recycle them. Place them in your kerbside recycling bin.
However, some have labeled biscuit trays as rigid plastics. In the case that your local area considers biscuit trays as rigid plastics, then you should not recycle them. Instead, you should go ahead and place them in your general waste (or simply rubbish) bin.

The takeaway is: you have to connect with your local council first before doing anything else. Want to recycle your biscuit trays but have no idea if you can? Easily answer this question by contacting your local council and asking this question, “Can I recycle my biscuit tray plastic waste?”


Recycle biscuit trays: are there any other options?

If you really want to deal with biscuit trays without placing them in your rubbish bin and ultimately sending them to landfill, are there any other viable options?


Important Note: As of 9 November 2022, REDcycle is on a temporary pause. 


For example, can you send your biscuit tray waste to REDcycle? Does the REDcycle program accept biscuit trays for recycling?

The answer to that, unfortunately, is no. Take a look at one of their FAQs:

Can I recycle the plastic tray from my biscuit packet via the program?

No, when it comes to biscuit packaging, it’s only the soft plastic wrapper that we can accept for recycling. The biscuit trays are classified as rigid plastic and should be disposed of in your council’s kerbside collection. As this varies between councils, please check with your council.

Something related: watch this video to learn how many times you can recycle plastic.

YouTube video


Recycle more and better with Waster

Aside from trying to recycle biscuit trays, you have plenty of items you can recycle!

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