Recycling Brisbane: diverting waste and commodities from landfill is a very worthy aim for any business – generally recycling can save your business money (if done smartly) and also – it is great for the environment!


At Waster – we encourage small and medium businesses to use their environmental credentials to promote their business.


You would be surprised how much being a green and environmentally aware company can help your actual business profits in 2020!


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Just thing how much hotel chains promote being environmentally conscious (i.e. signs on washing towels etc) and also airlines – when you can offset the carbon emissions of your flight etc. Unfortunately, many business do not really take advantage of the benefits this could offer them for marketing and engaging customers.


A little bit about Waster and how we can help your business with recycling services


Waster offers a real alternative to small and medium business, by offering waste and recycling Brisbane services on flexible 30 day agreements, so you can say goodbye to lock in contracts and rollover clauses.


We are unlike other waste or recycling companies as we really focus on recycling and enable even the smallest business access all the recycling services in the Brisbane market.


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Recycling Brisbane – new international innovations that will benefit Brisbane recycling rates for plastic


Throwing plastic away in general waste is a real shame for many reasons.  It is estimated that only 14% of plastic used is recycled globally each year, and up to 8m tonnes of plastic rubbish finds its way into our oceans each year. It is estimated in the Guardian newspaper – that this discarded plastic is worth c.$100bn annually.


One of the trickiest plastic products is polystyrene – due to its light weight and density (it is hard to separate in source separation facilities).


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The Guardian describes a US based business called Agylix that is finding a solution for this issue. We quote from the article below:


“Founded in 2006, Agylix’s technology breaks the polymer down to molecules, which it sells in liquid form to refiners that will bind the molecules to form polystyrene, according to CEO Ross Patten. Agylix’s technology can go further and convert polystyrene back to crude oil.”


There are campaigns globally to decrease usage of polystyrene anyway -and this can only be a good thing.


Currently, polystyrene is commonly disposed of in general waste in Brisbane.


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Recycle Brisbane: we all like to hear about good news when it comes to waste collections and recycling services.


Of course, there has been some bad news in the press recently – such as the transporting of large amounts of waste from interstate for disposal in Queensland landfills – this was covered on the ABC tv expose recently.


We are glad to see the recent announcement of a ban on plastic bags in Queensland and the setting up of a recycling fund.


Waster is a specialist in waste and recycling services (such as recycle Brisbane services) for small and medium Australian businesses.


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Recycle Brisbane – a boost through ban on plastic bags


We all know how wasteful plastic bags can be – if you are like me, you get so many you do not know how to get rid of them. Redcycle has run a great initiative through Coles supermarkets – but of course prevention is better than cure.


According to the Brisbane Times:


“Single-use plastic shopping bags will be banned in Queensland from July next year, following the passage of a long-heralded bill through Parliament on Tuesday night.”


The ban targets all lightweight, single-use plastic bags, including those of the biodegradable variety, but stops short of prohibiting the heavier bags used at department stores.”


The refund scheme will apply to most drink bottles between 150 millilitres and three litres, making 10-cent returns available for recyclers.”


South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and Tasmania have already introduced bans and Woolworths and Coles have promised to replace single-use bags with reusable ones costing 15 cents.


According to the minister, 2.4 billion recyclable drink bottles and 1 billion lightweight, single-use shopping bags were used in Queensland each year, with many ending up in waterways.


Australians use over 5 billion of such plastic shopping bags every year, with an estimated 900 million used here in Queensland.


We think it is a great step  – as plastic bags are extremely hard to recycle. Check out our blog on 3 easy steps to book garbage bin services for your small business.




There are many great ways to boost recycling for your business or home in the Brisbane metro region.


Waster can certainly help small and medium companies boost their recycling and reduce costs for waste management.


We look forward to helping you.


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