Garbage Bin Collection 🗑️: If you are a small business owner, it is likely that you have hundreds of things on your mind at any one time. I bet that garbage bin collections are pretty low down that list!


The marketing guru Joe Polish has a saying that, “an entrepreneur faces more problems before 9 am on a Monday morning than most people face all week”. And, quite frankly, there is a lot of truth in that.


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When you run a business — particularly, a new business — getting revenue in the door, working on your product or service and of course your marketing is of extreme importance. Organising utilities such as water, waste services and electricity often are left to the last minute. In this short blog, we will run you through 3 easy steps to book your garbage bin collections for your business.



How to easily arrange garbage bin collection for your business


Garbage Bin Services


Booking your bin services with Waster can be as easy as A, B, C


#1: Check prices. Checking online, you can easily see the prices for waste and recycling by calling a number of potential suppliers. Of course, you can also do so by accessing Waster’s online waste shop. You should get pricing per collection (i.e., the price you will pay each time that the bin gets picked up).


As a rule, the more often you get the bin collected (or the more bins you have), the lower the cost per collection will be.


General waste garbage bin


#2: Get a flexible agreement. In 2021, there is really no need to sign a long term contract for garbage bin or recycling collections. As with most other business sectors, flexible 30-day agreements are now available. At Waster, all our services are delivered on a flexible 30-day agreement. So, you never need to worry about the dreaded rollover clause or evergreen clauses again.


#3: Check the small print. When you reach a choice over a supplier, it is crucial that you check the small print. Any hidden costs or abilities for the supplier to increase the rates should be clear.


Once you have picked a supplier, they should be able to deliver your selected bins with a week to 10 days. Services should then commence soon afterwards.


If you have any additional questions, you can contact our friendly customer service team here.


Garbage bin collection online


How easy is it to book a high-quality service for garbage bins online?


Through, arranging a cheap, reliable waste management and recycling service such as skip bins online is extremely easy. We will guide you through the process in a point by point manner, detailing the process from first finding our website to your first collection.


Accessing our website for waste management services for your business


It does not really matter how you find our website. But still, we are really pleased that you found us! Once you are on the website, we recommend you read as much of our content as you can. We believe the better informed you are about waste collection services and recycling, the more appropriate the commercial rubbish removal service you book will be for you.


We regularly publish overviews to various cities in Australia. For example, you can find waste management Hobart here.


On our website, you can book garbage bins online in a few minutes for your small or medium Australian business.


YouTube video


Let’s take the case of a Sydney-based office for our example. They have a current waste service of one 240-litre general waste bin collected once a week and a 660-litre cardboard and paper recycling service collected once a fortnight.


Booking your garbage bin collection service online in some simple steps with Waster


Go to the General Waste page and select the 240-litre service category. Note that we provide all standard bin sizes.


As the business is in Sydney, the business owner selects Sydney – New South Wales in the drop-down category for Geographic Region.


In the second drop-down box for “Your Business Type” our client selects the first option –


Transport, Warehousing, retail (non food), offices, professional services“.


In the third drop-down box “Collection Schedule” our client selects the third option – “Weekly“.


The price per service is displayed, which can change from time to time.


After, our customer then selects “Add to Agreement”.


eco-friendly light bulb symbol


Booking your cardboard and paper recycling service for rubbish bins online


Our client proceeds to the Cardboard and Paper Service section and selects the 660-litre service and repeats the steps for Collection Schedule and Geographic Region.


Confirming booking details for your rubbish bins online


When our client is happy with their selections they proceed to the Cart and confirm the details are correct.


On the checkout page, our client enters their details, donates to charity if they wish and confirms the terms and conditions before confirming the booking.


Confirmation of details by Waster


A friendly customer service agent will contact the client within 24 hours and confirm the clients booking details. Questions asked will include:


A. confirming the business type to ensure the correct pricing

B. confirming the business address

C. confirming date of bin delivery and first collection date

D. asking whether a bin lock is required

E. confirming where the bin will be placed at the store so we can assure the truck can collect


Once these queries are completed, we will forward a contract and direct debit form for completion. Once these are completed, we will confirm bin delivery and collection for your rubbish bins online.


Check out a website that reviews software systems to boost your website.


All our agreements have easy waste services invoice delivered electronically as standard.


From start to finish, the process to book your garbage bins online should take very little time and effort.


Note that we have recently been covered in the Australian press: Uber of Waste.


See a listing of some great tools for growing your digital business.


Commercial garbage bins


When you are opening a business, you may be wondering whether or not you should buy your own commercial garbage bins – or whether the waste management business that you are signing up with will provide their own bins. We will run through some of the things you should think about when buying bins and if it is the right choice for you.


Should you buy your own commercial garbage bins?

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to buy your own commercial garbage bins for your business:


They could act as marketing for your business. If you are in a prominent position, having bins branded with your name or logo could act as a mini-billboard. Check out how often you see bins next to main roads and imagine how many people could see your logo.


They will decrease the likelihood of you being stuck in a contract. With your own bins, companies may be happier to perform your services on a month to month agreement.


You can avoid any rental fees. Many traditional waste companies charge a bin rental fee, as well as the collection fee… along with other unexpected charges!


keyboard with "buy" key


You can get nice designer bins for internal purposes. For bins inside your office, you may want really cool designs such as those provided by Ecoelegance or Methodrecycling. These can provide you with really nice internal designs. You will still need to organise collection of commercial garbage bins outside.


Despite the ups of the statements above, there are also good reasons why you may want to just use those provided by a waste management company (like Waster):


Why pay money for yourself when you can get new bins for free? A reputable waste company will provide bins in a good condition. Bear in mind that bins are not cheap. See the Sulo website for prices.


Who is responsible if the truck damages the bin? This can happen when the bin is being emptied. A waste company will make you waive any compensation in this instance.


Some companies will just not want to service your bins. Having your own bins can make you appear “flakey” and likely to terminate a contract early. They may also want to charge you higher rates to compensate against this.


Who will maintain the bin? As it is, your property you will need to fix the bin if you own it.


Main point


If it were me, I would take the commercial garbage bins provided by a reputable garbage company, as they would pay for them, maintain them and take responsibility if the truck damages them. If you look closely at your waste management contract, you should avoid any major issues.


Next steps – check out our blog on how to easily arrange garbage bin collections.


Note: Waster provides collections for companies that own their own bins and also ones where we provide the bins (rental-free).


See our blog on how investors favour companies who recycle.


Plastic garbage bin


One of the major issues in Australian waste management is that the cost of general waste bin services is determined often by the weight of the bin. This is because disposal at landfill is based on the weight of rubbish dumped, not the volume.



For this reason, businesses that produce heavier general waste usually pay more. Dood production companies or joiners, for example, can expect to pay more than offices where the waste is likely to be quite light, made up of papers and packaging waste.


There has been a trend in the Australian waste collection industry, plastic garbage bins in Australia, specifically, to move towards billing by weight for larger bins such as front lift bins ranging from 1.5m to 4.5m bins. Note that these larger bin sizes are sometimes referred to as dumpster bins — even as skip bins by some people.


Whether you are using big plastic garbage bins such as 660-litre or 1100-litre bins – large plastic garbage bins on 4 wheels, you could be using small plastic garbage bins such as 120-litre or 240-litre wheelie bins.  All these bins known as rear lift bins are all collected by the same type of rubbish truck.


The driver will bring the plastic garbage bin (or plastic recycling bin) to the back of the truck. There, the bin will be lifted by the plastic lid.


This has not been common for smaller wheelie bins services sizes. This may all be about to change however, based on international developments.


Waster offers low-cost waste and recycling services to small and medium Aussie businesses. So, make sure to check out your bin options such as general waste disposal and prices online today by pressing the blue link above:


Can business plastic garbage bin be charged on a per weight basis?

Council collections in Ireland are moving to a bill by weight approach this year. This became a significant concern by residents. The issue is covered in the Irish Times newspaper, which we quote below:


“In a nutshell, the more you throw into the black bin, the more you will pay and under the new rules this system of calculating charges will be mandatory under law. Under the new system there will be no minimum charge per kilogram of waste and operators will be free to set their own prices. Flat fees will be phased out over a period of time. Waste collectors are expected to offer a range of pricing options to customers, including pay-by-lift, a combination of standing charges or a pricing regime based on the amount of waste collected.”


Plastic garbage bin collection service size


“The new system is aimed at helping reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and to divert more towards recycling. At least 40 per cent of the items Irish households put in their green bins, for recycling, are not actually recyclable. Earlier this year 160 containers en route from Ireland to China for recycling were stopped in Rotterdam because of contamination. The rejected waste was sent back to Ireland at a cost to the Irish recycling industry of some €500,000.”


“The move to pay-by-weight is expected to increase household recycling levels by between 27 per cent and 32 per cent. It is also hoped it will divert up to 35 per cent more waste from landfill. The Government has warned that without these new measures, the State could run out of space in landfills.”


YouTube video


I think we can all imagine how unpopular a similar scheme would be for residents using plastic garbage bins in Australia. However, as technology improves, something like this may become increasingly common for commercial collections of plastic garbage bins.


What are the difficulties in charging small plastic garbage bins by weight?



Some of the difficulties associated with charging these small bins by weight are as below:


  • The truck is often on a non-flat surface. This can throw out the measurement device.
  • Is the weighing scale calibrated on a regular basis and in line with Australian weights and measure systems?
  • Sometimes with smaller bins, the driver will throw in extra rubbish prior to being weighed if there are cardboard boxes, etc. on top.
  • A rear lift truck will also be able to lift two or more bins at once. Of course, the weight of an individual bin would not be possible in this instance.


Conclusion on plastic garbage bin charging


Billing by weight will likely be applied to plastic garbage bin collections in Australia at some point in the future. The added complication can add real volatility to customer waste invoices. And, this uncertainty is very much unwelcomed.


We will keep you posted on any developments. With ever-increasing landfill levies, it is highly likely to be introduced in one way or another.


Garbage bin companies


At Waster, we always promote new ideas and the best practices to help businesses achieve the dual objectives of boosting recycling and reducing costs. The good news is that the two objectives generally go hand in hand. From our experience, one of the biggest obstacles to boosting recycling is not the availability of services, but the resistance by people. In other words, they are not interested in recycling or see it as worth the effort.


With that said, we are starting a series on how to engage your staff and ensure that your recycling is maximised.


Garbage bin companies: how you can reduce your general waste spendings


The Huffington Post had a very informative article recently on how to overcome resistance to recycling that you may see in the workforce. We will be discussing some of these points in future blogs, as there are too many for today’s blog.


According to the article, “only half of the adults recycle daily. Another third of respondents said they recycle less frequently than that, and a full 13 percent revealed that they never recycle.”

Garbage bin companies tips


The article highlighted the reasons people do not recycle as much as they may like to as below:


Reasons to not recycle


Note that the data above is for the USA, but will play out very similar in Australia. Our intention is to go through these objections one by one in a series of blogs and suggest counter-arguments.


Reason 1: Recycling is seen as inconvenient or times consuming


If your staff are extra busy and have many daily tasks to complete, they may feel that separating waste and recycling to put in different bins is not worth the time or effort.


They may also not see the practical, financial and environmental benefits from doing the right thing.


How to counter this viewpoint


The first required step is usually to make doing the right thing easy — making recycling the easy option. This will involve working with your garbage bin companies to put in place a workable waste management plan and potentially posters and reminders around the workplace.


When bins are positioned in optimal places, recycling can often become an easy option. You should also reinforce how much money can be saved by recycling. It can really add up as levies on dumping general waste at landfill increase steadily.


See our blog on whether you can make money in Australia recycling.


Garbage bin collection


For something that should be so simple, sometimes it seems to be needlessly complex. At Waster, we often find that new customers often have lots of questions, one of which is “do I need a lock for my bin?”



Why would I need a lock?

There are two principal reasons why you might want a lock on your bin: to keep people from putting waste in your bin or to prevent them from taking it out!


Scenario A: preventing people from putting stuff in your bin


You pay for your bin collection, and you want to pay less for your bin collection. Therefore, it is only sensible to reduce the amount of waste you produce and hence required bin collections per month to a minimum.


If you leave your bin on a busy street or near other businesses, there is nothing to stop passers-by or unscrupulous business owners from quietly dumping rubbish in your bin. It may not be a big issue, but over the course of a year, it could add to a required collection or two.


Scenario B: preventing people from taking stuff from your bin


You may need to prevent people from taking faulty stock or documents from your bin. Some people take faulty stock from bins and then try to pretend they bought it legitimately and it does not work.


If you are disposing of documents in your General Waste garbage bin collection, you should consider whether a confidential shredding service would be appropriate for you. You can check out our services page for pricing and details in that regard. Confidential shredding bins ensure your private info (and that of your customers also) is disposed of securely and ensures no prying eyes will see things they should not.


How do I arrange it for my garbage bin collection?

Just contact Waster and we will arrange for a padlock and keys appropriate for your bin type and size. We can deliver this with a new bin when it is being dropped off.


Is it expensive?

No. Pricing starts from c.$20 +GST as a one-off fee dependent on where you are and what size of the bin you have.


How will the driver open the bin?

The driver of the collection truck will have a master key to open your lock. This ensures you can leave the bin out securely locked and not have to be there when the truck comes to collect it.


It is pretty simple yet very effective really.


Any other benefits?


We have had customers who helped drive recycling by locking their General Waste bins. This ensured staff focused on whether waste could be recycled or not as they had to get a key to dispose of waste in General Waste. This simple measure delivered a large saving as staff were actually disposing of faulty stock in the bin, rather than return it to the supplier for refunds!


Check out our article on rubbish removal Adelaide for an update on levy increases.


City garbage bin collection


City garbage bin collection for small businesses often is a different sort of experience that delivered to larger or national businesses. Major corporations often have teams of skilled procurement and environmental officers who are well versed in the intricacies of city garbage collection, recycling and the general skills required to buy intangible services at the best price and conditions.


Smaller businesses can often find themselves lumped into the “mums and dads” category by major national suppliers or described as “the tail”. In the waste industry as in so many others, smaller businesses provide the majority of customers by sheer numbers but tend to receive a weaker level of customer service or responsiveness from their supplier.


Case study: why have small businesses come to Waster in the first place?


When we analyse our customer base of small, and not so small businesses (many of our customers are in fact large corporates), they have tended to come across to us for a disparate range of reasons relating to city garbage collection.


When we begin talking to potential customers we often ask the following questions:


  • Do they have a current bulk garbage collection provider?
  • What sort of services do they think they require for their business?
  • What are they looking for as regards recycling and what is the garbage collection point for your business.
  • And, what sort of customer service do they hope to receive?


Many of these new customers for Waster have felt they were somewhat unappreciated by their commercial garbage bin collection suppliers in the past and experienced increasing prices, from what was once sharp, market competitive rates to prices that are now quite a significant drain on their financial performance.


What do the answers to the questions above tell us about city garbage collection for small business?


1.Do they have a current city garbage collection companies? New businesses generally come to Waster from recommendations by a friend or by finding us through an internet search. We have built our business model around modern information technology so we can deliver constantly improving services without increasing prices. The beauty of modern IT is extremely scalable.


Clients who have had an existing supplier for bulk garbage collection most want to move for one of the following reasons:


  1. improved reliability of collections – smart garbage collection point,
  2. better account management and recycling performance,
  3. lower prices or better cost control/stability, and
  4. a shorter-term or more flexible contract.


Waster has built it’s model around these concerns.


2. What current services do they have? It is very rare to find a small or medium business that has fully optimised its collections and waste/recycling services so as to maximise recycling, minimise cost and decrease any impact on its business. By providing visibility on pricing options, Waster enables these businesses to understand the real savings that can be made by making a few small changes to your back of house processes. Waster will always try to help you implement services that will best match your business needs.


garbage collection point


3.What recycling performance are you hoping to achieve from city garbage collection? Vastly different recycling performances can be achieved by businesses if they make three choices:


  1. the types of collections they arrange (e.g., commingled, paper and cardboard recycling, etc.),
  2. the amount of effort they put into segregation of waste at their business location, and
  3. the assistance from their waste provider as regards posters, bin colours etc that can assist their staff in making the best environmental decision.


By moving to Waster for city garbage bin collection, customers receive a greater potential supply of services. Waster can arrange the service that best suits their needs, not that which best suits the city garbage collection company!


In this regard, a better selection of services for city garbage collection, combined with visibility on pricing (showing how recycling can save you money) and finally excellent customer service can help businesses improve their recycling performance whilst decreasing total spend.


We provide services in all metro regions throughout Australia – including Canberra connect garbage collection, Newcastle garbage collection, SA garbage collection, Hobart garbage collection,  garbage collection Geelong and commercial garbage collection for all types and sizes of businesses.


YouTube video


4. More flexible contracts? We begin speaking to many customers when they are locked into a long term contract from their current provider for city garbage collection with a steep exit penalty for leaving early.  We always make our terms and conditions extremely clear to customers – 30 day contracts which you can exit at any time (30 days written notice required) with the only fee payable a modest bin removal fee if your contract has been shorter than 1 year.


All Waster customers receive simple and clear electronic waste services invoices as standard.


Waster’s approach is that if you provide excellent value to our customers, they will prosper and not want to leave for an alternative provider.


Our customers have particularly appreciated this element of our service.


Garbage Collection Canberra: If you are watching TV in Australia at the moment, you will be seeing Canberra, Canberra, Canberra!


Of course at Waster, that makes us think of garbage collection services in Canberra and what you need to know in 2020.


Canberra, famous as one of the greenest and most liveable cities in the world, always amazes visitors by the green areas, cycle paths and lovely water it houses.


This is also reinforced by the annual Floriade festival. A 2016 study ranked Canberra as the 18th most sustainable city worldwide and No.1 in Australia.


“Canberra’s balance enabled it to jump ahead of other Australian cities,” he said.


It’s one of the city’s most derided features — its uniform design — that actually pulled it ahead.


“The planned nature of Canberra has really paid off,” Mr Steele said.


“It has lots of green space, not much manufacturing to pollute the air and they do clever things like their dealing with waste (which includes an aim of no rubbish going to landfill) which is way ahead of most other cities.”


A bit about Waster


Waster provides ACT garbage collection and recycling services to small and medium Canberra businesses.


We specialise in small and new companies. Additionally, we will ensure that you maximise recycling, keep your costs low and never have to sign a long term lock-in contract again.


You can easily arrange all your ACT garbage collection requirements and commingled recycling, confidential paper bins or grease trap services online today.



ACT garbage bin collection: what you need to know in 2021!


Organising ACT garbage collection for your business should be nice and easy, sure.


But there certainly are some pitfalls to avoid. We cover below some of the info you should consider first.


ACT garbage bin collection: Canberra council services


We always recommend that you check first whether the council can provide your waste and recycling services. In some instances, they will be able to provide commercial ACT garbage collection for smaller businesses.


Furthermore, for larger businesses or if you need regular services, a commercial waste collection such as offered by Waster will likely be more suitable.


Garbage bin collection Canberra: recycling tips


People in Canberra might ask “Do we need to rinse our recyclable?” “Can I recycle this?” “Can I recycle that?” The questions go on!


Unsurprisingly enough, with so many different types of materials, people tend to get confused [on what to recycle]. Well, a little reading on the internet doesn’t hurt at all. I for one encourage you to read more to get a better grasp on how recycling ACT garbage collection works.


The ACT Government developed a scheme called the ACT Container Deposit Scheme that aims to “encourage recycling in the community while reducing litter and the number of containers going to landfills.


Furthermore, you can return empty beverage containers to return points and get a 10 cent refund for every container you give back. You can either choose to keep your earned 10 cents or donate it to charity, instead. Your call!


They specifically gave guidelines on what to recycle. Generally, with a few exceptions, most drinking bottles and cans are acceptable.


Let me state some examples of unacceptable materials, items, or products in the said scheme which aims to boost ACT garbage collection:


  • Bottle tops and lids
  • Plain milk containers
  • Glass wine bottles
  • Glass spirit bottles
  • Pure juice bottles over 1 litre
  • Cordial bottles
  • Shredded paper
  • Coathangers


Next, let me give some examples of acceptable materials, items, or products [for improved ACT garbage collection]:


  • Coffee
  • Aluminium foil
  • Soft plastics
  • Padded envelopes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Gift waste (except metallic cards and wrapping paper)
  • Batteries


Impending recycling export ban in Canberra


Did you know that in 2020, Australia sent a staggering 4.3 million tonnes of waste?


Chris Steel, a Cabinet Minister in the ACT Government, proposed the idea of banning the export of waste in Canberra.


His priority involves diverting food scraps from going into landfills. According to him “They are sending all of their food scraps, turned into high-grade compost, to the Napa Valley to be used in grape plantations. That’s been really successful and I can see an analogy here for us, with Murrumbateman and the Canberra wine region, and with the agriculture going on around us.”


Additionally, he said that “Could we have a situation where Canberra’s food scraps are actually being used to create local produce for our region? I think that’d be a fantastic story to tell and that’s what we’ve got an opportunity to do.”


A levy may be introduced which would increase prices


The ACT currently does not have a landfill levy such as in other states; however, it could be on the cards. The Canberra Times reports:


“It also said it was considering a new waste levy to ‘incentivise recovery and recycling over landfill’.”

“The levy is just one of the new rules the government is considering.”


“The ACT generates 1.1 million tonnes of waste a year, with about 310,000 tonnes going to landfill.”


ACT garbage collection recycling


Restrictions on garbage bins collection in Central Canberra


If your business is located in central Canberra, there are restrictions on placing bins on the street and in alleyways. In addition, this is enforced by the council and means you need to pay an annual fee based on the size of the bin.


This is because of the limited space available in central Canberra.

waster refer earn uncapped commission

You should check with the waste management company you select to provide ACT garbage collection, who is liable to pay this fee. As a matter of fact, it can be more than $1000 per annum for multiple bins!


Grease trap cleaning schedule: Icon Water


Grease trap cleaning in Canberra is monitored and regulated by Icon Water, with traps being cleaned every six months at a minimum.


Waster provides grease trap cleaning in Canberra at $0.26 plus GST per litre.


Choose wisely!


Canberra has ambitious recycling plans for 2025, and this will impact business as well as residential.


Choosing a good ACT garbage collection company like Waster will ensure your business is in a good position.


See our blog on why budget waste management does not mean low-quality services.


YouTube video


3 tips to save your business money


Below, we will provide some tips on how you can save some business money:


Tip 1: Get a flexible contract for waste management in Canberra to decrease your business risk


There really is no reason for Canberra based businesses to be signing up for long term waste management contracts in 2020. Unless, of course, the perceived stability of such a contract offers them is seen as valuable. A long term contract for bin collection services really only benefits one party. And, it is not the customer!


All Waster Canberra waste management and Canberra recycling agreements are on flexible 30-day contracts. That means that you can exit a contract at any time by providing us with 30 days written notice (and yes an email will suffice).


Our services are designed to be ongoing services, but they can be cancelled for any reason.


Waster commits to only increasing prices once a year (as a maximum), unlike some suppliers who may increase them twice or more. After all, if our customers can leave us at 30 days notice, it is best not to treat them badly!


This means that when you sign an agreement for budget bins Canberra collection – it actually remains low cost – rather than an initial low Canberra bin hire price and then an unexpected price jump.


Tip 2: Compare your waste management Canberra rates online; get competitive rates for economy waste disposal Canberra


The Australian Capital Territory does not currently impose a waste levy on waste disposal in Canberra at the landfill to incentivise the Canberra recycling centre – as is done in other states and territories of Australia.


This means that waste prices are notably lower than in New South Wales, particularly cheaper general waste disposal rates than Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. That being said, it is only sensible for smart businesses to check the market as to competitive pricing for services.


Boosting recycling now will also protect your business against any future waste levy implementation -such as occurred in Queensland in 2019.


You can access up to date information from the ACT EPA through our waste resources page. This page provides useful links to relevant information and helpful resources for boosting your recycling and minimising your waste services costs.


For example, the Actsmart website is a very useful website providing sustainability tips and assistance for businesses and organisations in the Canberra region.


On, you can check all your service pricing for waste away Canberra collections in real-time through our waste services online shop. Additionally, you can even compare the prices and also book online in a secure online transaction.


Your second option to compare rates and work out how much you could save is to request a free 24-hour free cost comparison for waste management Canberra services. Waster will reply to you in a guaranteed 24 hours detailing exactly how much you can save by moving to our flexible, customer-focused model for capital waste Canberra bin hire pricing.


Tip 3: stop paying Canberra bin hire rental fees, hidden fees and add ons


The third step is to make sure you are not subject to any hidden fees or costs you did not expect. For example, numerous waste collection services companies in Canberra charge additional fees on top of the collection fee. You could describe charges as site fees, bin rentals, environmental fees, admin fees or anything else, really.


With Waster, when we say we provide economy waste disposal Canberra services, we make it easy to compare prices. We do not charge hidden Canberra bin hire costs such as rentals, etc. This equates to when you have your waste bin on a regular collection cycle such as weekly, fortnightly etc.


If your current bin collection Canberra invoice includes charges like this, you really should consider finding a way to avoid them. After all, the Canberra waste collection charges can be expensive by themselves!


It is good to know that the Waster model does not have any additional charges. You can find a full listing of what is included in our collection charges on our waste pricing page. Additionally, we can summarise by saying that you will pay exactly what you have signed up for and not a dollar more.


Garbage collection in Canberra


When you operate a business, organising waste and recycling services is often the last thing you think about.


At the end of the day, opening a business, marketing and serving customers is more than enough to think about. As a result, ensuring you have garbage collection Canberra services arranged can be the last thing on the list.


In a political town like Canberra, it can sometimes feel that there is not that much focus on growing and supporting businesses. However, Canberra is a very sustainable city that is famed throughout Australia and globally as leading in green living and quality of life.


Arranging Canberra garbage bin collection services need not be difficult


Waster makes organising bin services for your business super easy. We see no reason to add extra complexity or difficulty. You can easily book your service online; bin delivery takes c.7 days from booking with us.


In this section of the blog, we cover some of the restrictions on bins for commercial business in central areas of the ACT.


Waster provides low cost and reliable waste and recycling services to Canberra businesses through our online model.


You can say goodbye to long term lock in contracts or unexpected rollovers. Check out services and pricing through our online portal today:


Garbage collection Canberra: being aware of council regulations to avoid issues


In most areas of Canberra (or indeed throughout Australia), there are no restrictions on the placement of bins.


However, as central Canberra has quite a different town planning to other Aussie cities, streets and access on pavements can be quite tight.


For this reason, the local authorities have programmes in place. These programmes prevent excess bins and ensure clear pavements for pedestrians.


As a result, in this context, in built-up commercial areas, the local government (Land Use Office) can put restrictions on the number of bins and type of bins that business can have. You can see the link here.


For example, we have worked with a client recently that had to reduce recycling bins and put more in general waste due to a lack of space available for recycling bins.


As a result, the important takeaway here for garbage collection Canberra is to pick a reputable waste company that is aware of council restrictions and can ensure a smooth and reliable service.


What about Canberra recycling alongside garbage collection?


Recycling already existed for as long as people have realised the importance of scare resources. For example, the Colossus of Rhodes was apparently melted down for new metal.


The Economist magazine tells us that during the industrial revolution trade associations dedicated to collecting recycling were formed.


The US organisation Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries can trace its history back to 1913.


According to Planet Ark, which gives a nice overview or recycling in Australia:


“The first Australian paper mill to use recycled material was built in 1815 – it used recycled rags to make paper. Waste paper collections from households and factories started in Melbourne in the 1920s”.


Additionally, “More common cart and horse collections of the newspaper from households began in Australia in the 1940s. This paper was typically re-used or recycled into packaging material.”


“Charitable organisations have been recycling household goods and clothing for over 100 years.”


“BHP Steel first started recycling industrial steel scrap back in 1915. Glass bottles and aluminium cans were also collected by scouting groups and other community-based organisations to be re-used or recycled by bottle and can manufacturers.”


“Scrap metal dealers have long recovered the valuable metals from old motor cars and white goods, to be used again in other new products. Henry Ford recycled his Model T Fords back in the 1920s in order to save money and resources.”


Many good things are happening in the ACT


The ACT government has a real focus on the environment and preserving Canberra’s place as the most sustainable city in Australia.


One of the recent initiatives has been the introduction of solar-powered bins in the Capital Territory. Furthermore, these bins use solar power to compress the waste so the bins do not overflow so often.


There are many ingenious ideas like this being introduced. Thankfully, Canberra is leading the way. Check out a video on the concept below:





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Canberra fronts in regards to waste and recycling in Australia. It recently hosted a TedX talk which had numerous interesting presentations on sustainable living and reducing pollution.


See our blog on sharps disposal in medical waste disposal.


You can see a great talk by Rebecca Scott below on sustainable coffee cups below:


YouTube video

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