Recycling Hacks ♻️: Everyone knows the importance of recycling and wants to do their part for the environment. However, at first glance, recycling seems overwhelming for many. Are you doing it right? Did you chuck your recyclable rubbish in its proper bin? Is the rubbish you have even recyclable? And finally, is there any way to make recycling much easier? Those are just some of the questions you must have answers for. 


I would like to believe that everything has ways to make a task easier — not necessarily a shortcut to cheat one’s way through tedious work, but rather a “hack” to finish tasks much more efficiently with a little less effort. Moreover, better ways which save you time can even help you save up money.


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Of course, recycling also has its own “hacks”; we can simply call this recycling hacks. In this blog, you will learn some recycling hacks you can do at home – or even at the office to better manage your waste. Read on to learn more.


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Hacks that simplify recycling


So, can we really make recycling easier than usual? Of course, the answer to that is yes! Let’s start with the basics: making an otherwise difficult task much easier.


Mums know best!


An example of gruesome recycling or waste management task that no one ones to really do is putting bin liners in their rubbish bins. It can be quite a headache tying liners in bins — getting the bin in place and making sure it does not squirm when tying the liner.


This is apparently the case for a mum replacing her bin liner/bag. Sick and tired of always having to “wrestle” with bin bags, she has finally discovered a recycling hack to make things easier. What she did was simply find the hole in the rubbish bin and twist and put her bin liner through. All excess bag can be tucked in the hole. “It was that easy!” she exclaimed.


Now, what if the bin does not have a hole? Not to worry, you can still put the bag without much effort. What you should do is use a rubber band or two to tie the ends together. Put it outside of the bin and tuck the liner into it after.


Tying knots depends on the shape of the bin. Square or rectangle bins requires you to tie two knots diagonally from opposing corners. For round bins, pull the liner tight and successfully secure it by tying a small knot on the side.


Recycling hacks like this can remove some headache-inducing moments for everyone.


Other recycling hacks to help you save money and the planet


No one wants to waste anything – especially not money. So, people do their best to save it, even changing their own lifestyle. Everyday practices, in particular, can be changed for the better to save money.


Recycling is a sure-fire way to save money. Even better — you not only save money, but you also save the environment. It does not end there! You can also save up on resources by recycling. Here are some recycling hacks you can do to save resources, money, and the environment:


Use reusable alternatives


First and foremost, almost everything in this world has its set of alternatives. There are energy alternatives – but there are also resource alternatives that you should know.


Let us use paper as an example. Paper is a valuable resource that comes from trees. But overusing it can lead to a variety of problems. Overusing paper will cause a greater demand for it, which results in more trees uprooted, cut, and processed into paper. As a result, deforestation happens which harms the environment.


On the same note, in a simple household, it can cost one to lose significant amounts of money in a year by purchasing paper products like towels and wipes. Do your part and make sure that does not happen by using alternatives.


Using cloth is the best alternative to paper. Not only are they more absorbent than paper towels, but it captures dust better. Paper towels usually just scatter dust due to their lack of absorbent qualities.


Other alternatives you should know


There are other alternatives you can use to cut expenses and save the environment at the same time. Washing, in particular, can be repurposed so that you can save water and cleaning products.


I will use car-washing as an example — no matter the method you use, you still use a significant amount of soap and water. But, you can reuse the water and soap used to clean your car.


If you have a garage, use the soapy water from car-washing instead of purchasing new cleaning products and using new water. This way, nothing goes to waste.


Another example would be gathering rainwater instead of using a hose to clean your house, equipment, and vehicle and water your plants. As a result of this, you can reduce your water consumption significantly.


Final thoughts on recycling hacks


These are just a few of the vast recycling hacks you can do to cut expenses, save up resources, and do your part to save the environment. You should not leave yourself in the dark and not have any idea on some life hacks to recycle materials.


Need a reason why you should recycle? Watch this video to learn more:


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