Can You Recycle Pyrex Glass? 🥛: There are some things that are hard to determine whether they are recyclable or not. And Pyrex glasses are part of such things. Can we recycle them or not? Let me discuss it with you. Read on to learn more.

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No, do not try to recycle Pyrex glass

The first thing to remember here is that Pyrex glass is not the same as typical glass bottles. Glass makes up Pyrex, but manufacturers of items such as ovenware and lab glassware treat them differently in the process. They are made to withstand high temperatures and are typically made of soda, silica, and other chemicals. As a result of all of this, Pyrex glass is non-recyclable.

Remember not to throw them in your curbside recycling bin because that will contaminate the batch of glass ready for recycling. Throw them in the trash bin if you cannot use them anymore.

lab glassware

In the next section, I will discuss further details on why we cannot recycle this type of glass.


Why is it not recyclable?

You cannot recycle Pyrex glass because of the way it is made. As I have already stated, the high melting temperature and added chemicals will only make it incapable of being recycled with typical glass containers. Additionally, container glass also needs to be separated by colour to maintain its chemical integrity, as stated by Live Green.

But take note that if your Pyrex glass has a plastic lid, you can remove the lid and try to recycle it. Some recycling facilities accept those lids for recycling now. But you still have to contact your local council first if such facilities exist that can cater to your plastic lids.

These are the reasons why you should just throw away your old or broken Pyrex glass especially the broken ones.

Wrap it up

Before you throw your non-recyclable Pyrex glass in the trash, make sure to wrap it up with a plastic bag or a newspaper. This is to help sanitation workers protect themselves from injuries or infections. Some Pyrex glass, due to unforeseen circumstances, may break before landing on the facility that treats them, so it is best to wrap them up carefully, Additionally, you should also do this to any kind of glass you want to dispose of.


What can we do if we cannot recycle Pyrex glass?

Fortunately, you would not experience this predicament frequently because Pyrex glass is sturdy. With proper care and usage, your ovenware will last you a very long time. But what if you still want to dispose of it? What can you do to properly dispose of Pyrex glass? Let me discuss it with you.

1. Sell or donate them

You can get rid of Pyrex glass without the need to recycle them. This includes selling them either physically or online and donating them to others. But you have to make sure that they are in tip-top shape before doing any of these. Using broken ovenware may injure or contaminate people. Inspect it first before selling or donating.

2. Repurpose them

Who says you can only use your owned Pyrex glass in cooking or preparing food? The truth is that you can think of innovative ways to make use of it instead of throwing it away in a landfill. You can search the internet and find websites that teach you how to repurpose or upcycle them like Pinterest. The picture in the link I provided is an example; you can turn glassware into a ceiling lamp shade.

Additionally, if you do not have the time and means to upcycle them, you can repurpose them, instead. Examples of repurposing your Pyrex glass include turning them into a birdbath, a candy dish, a potting planter, or even a bowl for storing your home or office supplies, as stated by Live Green.


What About recyclable glass? how do we recycle them?

Even though you cannot recycle ceramics, plate glass, ovenware, and Pyrex glass, there are still some other glasses you can opt to recycle like glass bottles and jars. If you have those at home and wish to recycle them, here is what you can do:

  • You first have to remove the lids or caps, but you do not need to remove the labels present. The recyclers at the facility will handle those for you.
  • Before you think about throwing them on your kerbside collection, rinse them first and make sure they are clean. This is to avoid contamination. Additionally, if you wish to save water while cleaning them up, you can rinse them with already-used dishwater put them in a bucket along with other recyclables.
  • After cleaning them up, make sure to let them dry first before putting them in the recycling bin. Furthermore, do not put anything on them; make sure they are empty.


Can you recycle Pyrex glass? Conclusion

I hope this answered all of your questions like “Can Pyrex be recycled?”, “Can Pyrex glass be recycled?”, and the like. You have to take note that Pyrex glass cannot be recycled. Find other ways to dispose of them. If it is broken, do not use it for anything else anymore; throw it away, covered with newspaper, a cloth, or a plastic bag.


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