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Transcript: Should Men Use Plastic  Bottles?


Hello and welcome to another edition of Recycle: Don’t be a Waster! In today’s episode, I want to talk about, I suppose, changes that I have made in the last week or so, which are probably something I didn’t expect I would do. A few weeks ago I was drinking I was in a gym and I was drinking a bottle of water, and a guy told me you should not drink from plastic bowls. And I thought he was referring to, you know, recycling and issues like that. But, he was referring to the health issues particularly for men from drinking water and other things from plastic bowls.


So I went and looked into the topic, and I think, you know, if you – if you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself to not consume products from plastic bottles, plastic containers, I – you know, I think the topic of today’s podcast might be what pushes you over the edge plastic balls, plastic containers, plastic wrap.


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It is convenient. It is cheap. It is ubiquitous. It is literally everywhere, and we’re now in a scenario where you need to really make an effort not to use them consume things from them, you know, stuff like that, so you know, I think, you’re asking what is the reasoning – why is what changed for me and this guy – he highlighted, he said that plastic bottles are having a massive impact on men’s fertility levels, which is sperm counts and testosterone and things like that, and you know somewhere at the back of my mind I had heard this stuff before.


I’ll be honest – obviously, working in recycling and you know doing a podcast like this on a regular basis – it is, you’d imagine, I know, quite a bit about this. But you know, this is something that was, maybe at the back of my mind, I was aware that you know if I’d heard before that if a plastic, you know, a drinks bottle a bottle of water was maybe you’d left in the car in the sunshine you shouldn’t drink from it or you know you shouldn’t refill a plastic bottle with something I had in my mind.


But look, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the reasons I hadn’t really read into it I had rough knowledge I think or background knowledge somewhere of issues with BPA and stuff like that, and maybe plastic leeching into the water, but it was, you know, very rudimentary. So first thing I did was I watched the podcast with joe Rogan, you know, on Spotify or listen to a podcast. I should say – with an American doctor – a female doctor called Shanna Swann. I’m sorry if I mispronounced that but we’ll link to it in the show notes below. She has a PhD, no, I don’t believe she’s a not a medical doctor – you know, not a GP-style doctor, but more of a PhD scientific researcher and very interesting podcast covering.


Act 2: Should men use plastic bottles?


She is, I think, the global specialist in the impact of plastics and you know what the impact it has on reproductive health and particularly you know it impacts many, but at least this podcast covered the male aspect of it and how it impacts male fertility. Because again, I’m not a scientist, so I may say some things incorrectly.


But the male sex is apparently the weaker sex when it comes to genetics, and you know, we may be more pig-headed and, you know, stubborn. But I think we – I think, it’s generally accepted that we are more susceptible to environmental pollutants than the females who are stronger in that regard. And so males are apparently impacted more significantly by the prevalence of pesticides, chemicals pollutants generally, and one – big one is plastic and again.


There could be, you know, forgive me for pronunciation errors, here one is something called phthalates which again we link to below which are endocrine disrupting which basically means hormone disrupting compounds or aspects of plastics that are in common plastics and they are they’re nearly everything we use or consume and they have significant impacts on our hormone levels and when we say our hormones we are basically saying for the men of our species – the male of our species.


We are, and again, this does not just impact humans by any means, it also is causing significant impacts for me on plant and animal life. But in this podcast, we will focus just on humans, and these, I think, some of the – you can split them into two different types. Some people have heard of such as BPA which has a very bad reputation ,and, but other ones which the valid family, I suppose, is a term which I wasn’t really aware of.


But some of them can be characterized they’re generally included in in plastics to make them softer and malleable and others are included to make them harder and also we have them in things like cosmetics stuff as wide-ranging as makeups shaving foam and all these different products often to add a smell or a fragrance to the product. These things will also be included and there is a lot of evidence that these products mess with or impact through the endocrine disrupting aspect mess with our hormones and they have a significant impact on male testosterone and down the line male female sperm count.


So I’ll be honest, I think it’s a very well anyone interested in plastic or recycling or the environmental aspects of this I would highly recommend listening to that podcast you know obviously which is free and the second thing I did was I on audible I’ve downloaded the book countdown which is really this Dr Swann’s book about this general topic and the impact these things are having on fertility globally. Some of the forecasts are truly horrifying truly terrifying really that if we do not address these we will be facing demographic real crisis within the next within the next you know 20-30 years if not sooner, so I’d highly recommend that book to you.


Act 3: should men use plastic bottles?


I’d highly recommend just as a first port of call listening to that podcast on the Joe Rogan podcast you know it’s the usual Joe Rogan style his style of interview you know it runs to an r probably an hour and a half, I assume. It goes into detail on it he lets the guests speak which obviously is something that some people have been upset about recently over covert and stuff like that but I think in this instance no matter who you are I think it’s a very interesting topic and well worth a listen and no matter what your views on joe Rogan are so I would highly recommend it and you know I think I’ve made changes in the last week or two were reducing plastics reducing plastic bottles moving towards glass.


It’s a very interesting topic I think it’s a topic that you know I think when we’re looking at plastics and the issues we can week out on this podcast we discussed the issues in you know the pacific garbage patch and stuff like that but I’d be honest I think we’re only the tip of the iceberg I think we are not even aware of half or you know a small percentage of the damage these things are causing to the natural environment and you know sometimes maybe as humans we don’t think we’re part of the natural environment sometimes we think you know we live in our air-conditioned luxury of the modern world and we’re unremoved or far removed from forests and fields and seas.


But the reality of it is we’re all one ecosystem and what impacts what impacts you know flies and insects and sea life really impacts us and you know some of the facts they’re giving about population decreases in the insect world in the flies in you know in sea life it really is terrifying I have to admit and it’s something that you know I’m looking here in Australia and we’re coming up I think the federal election is next week I see the green party running. I personally don’t see the green party promoting or discussing these sort of issues.


I see them promoting global warming emissions carbon capping carbon trading zero net zero I see all this stuff you know everyone has their own personal view my personal view is the issues caused by pollution what I mean the plastic pollution of our oceans this issue now. And admittedly, I’m coming late to the game here but what I’ve become aware of when it comes to the issues for fertility etc. and also habitat destruction habitat what we’re doing to basically animal life and sea life. I personally see that is much more pressing than climate change or you know carbon issues.


And I think it’s something that we can make real tangible benefits you know straight away so that’s somewhere where I would love to see the green party or fundamentally any political party really you know having a focus I think that would you I think would have get people’s imagination one thing on the podcast with joe Rogan he kept repeating and he really seemed surprised and he said how do I not know this how have I not you know heard about this before and like I’ll be honest I did I don’t know I didn’t hear either and one thing one thing the doctor said Dr Swann said was when she raised it with people quite often they are off the view or they say oh there’s too many people, the planet’s overpopulated, so maybe it’s a good thing and I think is that where we are in 2020 – you know – in 2022 is that where we’ve come to that, you know.


We see we – see this as a good thing like I think if that’s the case you know we’re becoming that what’s the term for that that’s is it misanthropy is that hating humanity is that the term I might be wrong with that I know you know misandry is hitting men misogyny’s hitting women is misanthropy is that it’s her for hating humanity you know I think we’ve got to we got to invest in our future and investing in our future means investing in every animal’s future.


I think I’ll leave it there. I think I’m coming over a little bit too hippy too green for this podcast where we try to keep things you know as business-like and sensible as possible, but I think you know this one is somewhere something where we’re really talking about big issues so look I’ll leave it there today and again thanks for listening. And of course, we’ll say: Recycle, Don’t be a Waster!


Editor’s note: Leave a comment if you have any questions about whether or not men should use plastic bottles.


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