What Is Upcycling? 💭: We always hear about the importance of recycling. Sure enough, it is something we always should strive to do. However, recycling is not the only environment-protecting activity we have right now. Upcycling is becoming quite a trend nowadays. Do you know what it is? 

Isn’t it the same with recycling? Apparently not; they may appear the same, but the difference is undoubtedly distinguishable. Recycling, on one hand, destroys the waste in question and transforms it into something new. It exhausts quite a lot of energy and natural resources throughout the process.

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On the other hand, upcycling aims to create something new without destroying the said waste. It retains its current state, per se. Let Waster define it even further through the following sections.

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What is “up” with upcycling?

I personally love upcycling. For me, it is like “recycling, but with style”. But keep in mind that both are especially important to sustain the Earth.

Upcycling brings out the creativity in us. It helps us think and come up with ways how to repurpose an old product into something new with much higher quality than before. Upcycling brings out our creative side by allowing us to reuse materials in our own DIY way.

Additionally, with the world still at a sort of halt because of the pandemic, people need something to do to relax and not feel the brunt of staying home for long periods of time. Upcycling is a great way to do just that.

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The benefits you can acquire from upcycling

There are many reasons why you should upcycle. Below, we will state a number of benefits when it comes to upcycling.


Environmental benefits

First and foremost, upcycling tremendously helps the environment. It has a positive effect, more so than recycling, even. Obviously, it is the way to go as opposed to just disposing of the waste you produce in the rubbish bin – or worse, literally just throwing it anywhere.

Littering ruins the environment quite badly. You must be quite a careless person if that is what you will do with your rubbish. Throwing it in a rubbish bin is a little bit better than that, but it is still greatly discouraged.

As for recycling, Waster does encourage it as it comes with many benefits, as well. However, try to consider reducing and reusing before recycling as much as possible. And doubling down on reusing, try upcycling the item to be reused.


Reduces landfill waste

One common trait upcycling has with recycling is it reduces waste from going into landfills. Landfills take up quite a lot of space here in Australia (and surely all over the world). If carelessness persists, we might not have enough space in our landfills to store waste. Where will the waste go, then? That is why it is important to divert waste from landfill.


Avoids the need for consumption

Adding to what was stated above, transporting waste to a landfill also consumes energy derived from natural resources. Fuel, after all, is needed to power up the truck that transports the waste from one place to another.

That is not all. The fuel exhausted pollutes the environment: air pollution. It emits harmful pollutants even from before and after burning. This can all be reduced with upcycling.

You do not need to exhaust significant amounts of resources to upcycle. All you need is a bit of effort and a creative mind. Break down the material and turn it into something more useful!

With upcycling, you actually consume less. Furthermore, the need for manufacturing using virgin materials lessens greatly. As a simple example, metal cans you have accumulated at home can be turned into flower pots. Or, you could even turn a few of them into water planters!


Your own benefit to upcycling

The environment is not the only one benefitting from your upcycling. Of course, you do, as well!

The main benefit it has on you is making you feel good about yourself. To elaborate further, upcycling reminds you that you are doing something good in this world. Upcycling helps in creating a better environment. Being a part of that change can be quite refreshing.

It also helps bring out the creative side of you. Working with different tools and materials can be quite a challenge at first trying to upcycle, but if done over and over, helps you improve your latent building skills.

Additionally, as mentioned above, it gives you something to do amidst the pandemic at hand.

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Where can you learn to upcycle?

There are those already blessed with a creative mind that can create one thing into another material with ease. However, worry not if you do not know how to start upcycling. You can learn from different sources.

First, you can learn from others. Any of the following: your parents, grandparents, another family member, or friends, may have the skills to upcycle in which you can ask them to help you. But if in case you do not have anyone who can teach you upcycling, you can always get ideas from books and the internet.

Pinterest is an example of a website that can help you come up with upcycling ideas. You can find ideas for your old items such as jeans, cans, bottles, furniture, and other appliances.


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