Cardboard recycling drop off: Waster is a really strong advocate for increasing recycling – and cardboard recycling in particular as it is often the first step (and sometimes the most effective) in implementing a waste management plan for your business and reducing waste management costs.


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In this blog we run through how to find high quality information sources on cardboard recycling and also some of the key facts you need to know.


Many of the people who approach us are asking about cardboard recycling drop off options – i.e. when they are moving house or have an excess of cardboard boxes.


This of course could be due to moving house or even just after buying a new product such as a television etc.


In these instances – the large cardboard boxes – can be too large to fit in your normal council cardboard recycling bin.



So what are the actual cardboard recycling drop off options available to a private individual or a small business?



We have previously published blog entries on whether you can get free cardboard collection (answer – maybe!) and a guide to recycling for your business.



Cardboard recycling drop off options – what options do you have available


If you have excess cardboard you really have the following options:


1 – Have a rubbish removal business come and pickup your excess cardboard from your property. A company such as 1300 RUBBISH – a reputable Australian business – will come to your location and collect your cardboard.


It should be noted – that this will be a paid service – i.e. to cover the team’s time and effort.


2 – The next option (and potentially a free option) – is to take the excess cardboard to a council run cardboard recycling drop off facility.


At these facilities – they will generally allow cardboard recycling drop off for no charge. They will of course charge you for other waste drop offs.


Nearly all council areas – will have a facility nearby that is suitable for this service.


You can see the facility based in Artarmon, Sydney – here.


Common misconceptions regarding cardboard recycling drop offs


Many people have a view that their cardboard is valuable – -and that someone will pickup the cardboard for free – or even pay for the waste cardboard.


In 2019 – cardboard will be worth at most $200 per tonne – for high quality clean cardboard (compacted or baled) in large volumes.


In these instances – a collection company may pay a rebate to a company who has large amounts – i.e. many tonnes of compacted cardboard. This would involve a client being offered a subsidised collection service – where the rebate is against the usual collection charge.


For loose cardboard – i.e. non compacted collected in bins – there is a collection fee.


Obviously for small amounts of one off cardboard recycling – there will be a collection fee.


You can see a useful fact sheet here for cardboard recycling provided by Planet Ark.


cardboard recycling drop off


Key facts mentioned in the fact sheet include:


“More than 80% of Australia’s paper and cardboard packaging is made from recycled fibre. The lowest grade of recycled paper goes into cardboard products.”


“Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally effective materials to recycle since the fibre in cardboard has already been processed. Therefore making cardboard products from recycled material, rather than virgin fibre, saves not only trees, but also large amounts of water (up to 99% less) and energy (up to 50% less). Manufacturing from recycled material also produces up to 90% less byproducts such as chemical wastes.”


“Cardboard can be recycled along with paper and is remade into many different kinds of paper products. Recycled cardboard can also be made into sound-proofing material, insulation and even furniture. Every time paper is processed the individual fibres become weaker, limiting the number of times it can be recycled – usually up to eight times. Paper that has been recycled as many times as the fibres will allow is turned into compost and breaks down naturally.”


You can also find advice for business recycling here.


How Waster can help with cardboard recycling pickups


Waster offers low cost cardboard collections in all bin sizes – and as with all our services, there are no hidden fees and you do not need to sign a long term contract. Check out our blog on Wollongong recycling for a worked case study of how cardboard recycling can really reduce costs. Cardboard recycling is usually the first step in recycling for retail waste management i.e. shops.


Always consider if a cardboard recycling drop off as above will suit your business needs. Check out our blog on how technology is boosting recycling.






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