Carpet Recycling 🏠: In this blog, we debate whether or not carpet recycling is possible. We also take a look at other viable options people can choose to deal with their carpets and rugs. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


Any country’s recycling rates can either skyrocket up or plummet down depending on how well they educate and guide their citizens. In Australia, plastic is one of the biggest waste problems there is. Unfortunately, we recycle so little of it in a year. In 2017-2018, we only recycled 9.4 per cent of it!

But all in all, Australia has done good over the years, with recovery rates of more than 60 per cent these past couple of years. All of this being good and all, Australia could still do better and aim to increase recycling and resource recovery rates in the upcoming years.

What Mr Waster is trying to say is that Australia should look into bettering its potential in recycling. This is especially true for items that have the possibility of being recycled but are unfortunately not due to lack of facilities that can accept them.

Recycling carpets, for example, remain as something Australia look to set its eyes into in its fight against resource exhaustion and greenhouse gas emissions. Below, let us discuss recycling possibilities for carpets and rugs. Let us also cover other strong and viable options for unwanted carpets – not just strong and viable, but also environmentally responsible. Read on to learn more.


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Carpet recycling: look for better options

Currently, no commercial recycling facility exists that can accept carpets and rugs. This is quite unfortunate as our everyday carpets and rugs are made of recyclable fibres such as wool, nylon and polypropylene (#5 plastic – one of the types of plastic). With no commercial recycling facilities available, what can we do with our carpets?

Whilst we have to wait for recycling options to open up and cater to the people’s needs, let us explore other available options for you. What can you with your old, unused and/or unwanted carpets? Let us cover it below.

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Option 1: Reuse if possible!

Should you ask Mr Waster what the better options is than recycling carpets, he would most definitely answer reusing. There is a reason why it is ‘reduce, reuse and recycle‘ with reuse being mentioned earlier than recycle and not the other way around.

Provided that you have carpets and rugs in good, usable condition, you can first opt to give them to your family members or close friends. They might want a new look for their house and would like something that looks alike with your unused carpet, so why not give it to them instead? They would most certainly appreciate it and would thank you to no end. You also saved them a few bucks. Not only did you help save them some money, but you also successfully got rid of your carpet or rugs the environmentally responsible way.

In addition, you can go help others and donate your carpet and rugs to charity. Reuse them for other purposes such as soil cover or mulch for gardening and landscaping purposes. You can easily biodegrade wool carpets that has natural backing materials.

There are many ways you can reuse them, so pick what is best for you.


Option 2: Take-back programs if no available commercial recycling options for carpets

Another good option to dispose of your carpet is to look for and take advantage of any take-back schemes available.

Business Recycling by Planet Ark listed Ontera, Interface and Cavalier Bremworth as those with take-back schemes. Return any carpet tiles products from them and they will recycle those returned into new carpets or other products such as weed-matting. They also have the initiative to accept old carpet tiles that came from other manufacturers should you decide to buy a new carpet from them.

Carpet Recyclers is also a strong option in Sydney should you want to dispose of your old carpet. Your used carpet tiles do not have to go your general waste bin and go straight to landfill with these available options.


Final option: dispose of carpets in your rubbish bin if all else fails

If all else fails in your attempt at carpet recycling, then you should dispose of them responsibly in your general waste or rubbish bin. This is applicable to carpets and rugs that are never gonna be reused again. Synthetic carpets, when going into landfill, will remain there for long periods of time whilst wool carpets have the ability to decompose under anaerobic conditions that produces methane, the second-most potent greenhouse gas with many adverse effects to the environment.

As unfortunate as it is, some do have to go to landfill mainly because of their condition. We suggest you deal with your unused carpet immediately so you will have ample time to recycle or reuse it.

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