Garbage Disposal 🗑️: If you read our regular blogs and articles on all things waste management and garbage disposal related, you will know that we always promote how recycling and being environmentally minded can actually save your business money. Also, it can even boost the bottom line.

We have covered how recycling can get you to lower costs and potential rebates for services such as cardboard recycling. We have also seen how organic waste could be a valuable source of fuel for the future in our blogs on biogas and the new breed of landfills.

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In today’s blog on smart and modern garbage disposal solutions, we take this idea to its logical conclusion. We ask: will it ever be possible to actually sell your waste?

We will look at the example of Sweden which has been referred to as an importer of waste for garbage disposal.

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Could you ever sell your waste for commercial garbage disposal?

It has been reported in the press that Sweden is so keen on burning rubbish through commercial incineration plants; they actually import garbage to burn!

According to Business Insider:

“More than 50% of the country’s energy is generated from renewables and only 1% of Swedish household waste ends up in landfills. 20% of the energy for Sweden’s district heating systems are generated by garbage incinerators.”

Whilst Sweden imports huge amounts of waste, the facts do not show that they pay for it.  In 2014, the country imported 2.3 million tonnes of garbage disposal from other countries. This equates to roughly 820 garbage trucks full of rubbish every day.

The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet explains that they charge varying fees to other countries. But on average, the fee charged is US$43m.

This equates to c. $100m in annual revenues for the country and provides Sweden with almost free energy.


The importance of garbage disposal

Now, with all of these mentioned, can we really measure the importance of garbage disposal and waste management? Well, for Waster, their importance knows no bounds. We have seen its importance, using Sweden’s efficient methods, as stated above.

Obviously, readers also think the same. At the top of our heads, we can think of countless reasons why every business or the equivalent should have a proper garbage disposal method.

Below, we state some examples of garbage disposal’s importance:


1. Protecting the environment

Of course, the primary reason for disposing of garbage effectively and efficiently is to protect the environment around us. In other words, we can protect the environment by dealing with waste. But that sounds easier said than done.

Remember that even just a single person can produce a significant amount of waste. Playing, cooking, cleaning, and eating are just some of the endless activities humans do that produce waste. Moreover, many of these are daily activities that produce waste, so disposing of them the proper way should be done on a frequent basis.

If businesses truly want to follow proper garbage disposal, they should send their garbage to the right place. Obviously, they should have adequate waste management practices. And, they can get that by collaborating with a waste management company such as Waster!


2. Health and safety concerns

Improperly disposed of waste can compromise one’s safety. It can bring hazards to the land, sea, and air. For example, plastics drifting in the ocean can get swallowed by marine life, either choking or poisoning them.

Another example would be when sharps are scattered on the road – both humans and animals can get injured or contract infections and diseases when struck. Contaminants can spread which can bring about illnesses and diseases. So, as the dubbed stewards and stewardesses of the Earth, we must make sure to dispose of waste (which we ourselves produced) properly.

Both residents and businesses need professional help to make this happen. In particular, businesses should enquire about the help of professional waste management companies.


3. Finding other alternatives for waste

Gathering garbage and disposing of it systematically has another upside to it: finding other alternatives for waste other than disposing of and landfilling it.

Day by day, new solutions are conceived which can deal with waste such as recycling and composting. So, garbage disposal becomes all the more important if we take this into account.


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Smart garbage disposal: the conclusion

We are seeing more and more trends in Australia and globally where people are making use of all of the economic value contained in the trash.

This includes using commodities such as cardboard or metal for recycling. It also includes using organic waste for compost or for energy generation.

We have seen how you can create an environmental energy source from general waste collections in metro Sydney. This is just the next step.

With the ongoing recycling crisis impacting Australia, it is highly likely that incineration will be back on the policy table in one way or another over the next few years.

There is a strong argument to be made for incineration as part of an overall recycling and garbage disposal strategy for Australia.

Of course, this also insinuates the importance of garbage disposal, as a whole – not just incineration. Businesses, in particular, should strive to deal with their generated waste. No business can manage that by themselves, so they must acquire professional help.

Waster can help small and medium businesses in Australia with their garbage disposal needs. You only need to give us a call or message! Please call 1300 WASTER (1300 927 837), or email us at if you have any further questions.


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