Wheelie Bin Lock 🔐: There are a number of advantages you can enjoy when your wheelie bin has a lock. Of course, these advantages mainly involve security. Read more to learn why your bins should have locks installed.


Most of the people and firms that own a single bin or multiple bins would not have bin protection at the top of their priority list. Usually, dumping their waste onto the bin and waiting for its collection suffices for them. However, inside and outside factors can compromise your bins’ safety, which will result in a number of problems.

Using a wheelie bin lock removes those problems and will help keep wheelie bins secured – as secure as your important documents when booking confidential paper destruction service from us! Below, we will talk about the advantages of locking your bins and also discuss with you our own bins with locks. Read on to learn more.

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A bit about Waster

Before sharing the advantages of wheelie bin locks to both businesses and households, let me share more information about Waster.

We here at Waster provide you with innovative solutions for your and your business’s waste management and recycling needs. Additionally, we provide flexible, 30-day contracts instead of the typical lock-in contracts, which proves to be better.

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Looking at the benefits of a wheelie bin lock

A wheelie bin lock might seem a bit too much for some at first, but know that many bin owners – both businesses and residential areas aware and careful of their waste management services –  reap its benefits wherever they store it. They can store it in a shared, public or open area and not have to worry about their waste there.

But of course, we will give you reasons as to why you should install a lock on your bin. Take a look below:


Never have to worry about those pesky animals

Usually, when we think of both animals and waste, we often associate it with waste harming animals in wildlife areas, hence creating wildlife protected areas to protect them from waste and other environmental impacts.

But this time around, the roles are reversed in this blog. Funnily enough, the animals are the perpetrators and the waste are the victims. Kidding aside, providing animals such as foxes, badgers and rats easy access to your bins and/or not having a wheelie bin lock will result in quite a few problems.

First, they might knock the bin over, resulting in waste spillage and making a mess around its surrounding area. I, in particular, do not want to be woken up at 3 in the morning, hearing a spill outside and seeing a running fox with waste in its mouth and waste all over the bin area. Additionally, the animal ravaging through the waste may also injure itself in the process. Read all about health and safety waste management to learn more about protecting humans, animals and the environment from waste.

That problem can easily be avoided by having a wheelie bin lock. Lock your waste away and prevent animals from accessing it!


Even people can mess with your waste

Sadly, you also have to protect your bin from other people. There are plenty of ill-willed people out there and unfortunately, we cannot avoid them wherever neighbourhood or other places we go.

A person, when seeing an unsecured and open bin, might throw his or her rubbish in your bin to avoid paying extra money. As a result, he/she saves up money and you get to spend more due to your overfilled bin.

Not just that, they can also take as much as they give waste to you. They might think that getting your rubbish is okay because apparently, you are already throwing it away. However, one would not be too ecstatic at the idea that a stranger snoops around and messes with your property.

Of course, having a wheelie bin lock will remove all of that possibility and would not let the above scenario happen.

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Lock wheelie bins to prevent waste from falling by itself

Humans and animals are not the only ones that can mess with your bins. Sometimes, you might find your waste scattered and bin knocked down. You then proceed to find out who the perpetrator is. But, you, unfortunately, find no clues and are left in the dark.

The answer to the perpetrator is simple: the weather. Extreme weather can cause many hazards, which can include knocking down your waste bin. A strong gust of wind due to windy weather might send your bin lid flying. Additionally, if it is raining, water will go into your bin, recyclables such as paper and cardboard will be ruined.

You can avoid all of that by having your wheelie bin installed with a lock. No wind can scatter the waste and no water can go inside the bin with a wheelie bin lock.


Waster: offering wheelie bins with locks

Waster offers small and medium Australian businesses front lift bins and rear lift wheelie bins (MGB) that can come with installed locks so that you can rest assured of your waste and bins’ security.

Here, you can see some example pictures of our bins:







Why businesses should pick Waster’s wheelie bins with lock services

If your healthcare facility is based in Australia, partnering up with Waster will prove to be beneficial for you. Here, I enumerate to you what we bring to the table in terms of providing quality waste management services.

  1. You pay exactly what you asked for – and not a dollar more! For your waste management and recycling needs, avail of our flexible, 30-day contracts instead of those long, unproductive, and hidden fee-containing lock-in contracts.
  2. Designed for small and medium businesses – we help you reduce cost while boosting recycling. That’s a win-win situation!
  3. On-time and reliable – we provide fully accredited logistics and facility operators. By saying so, we ensure the safety and efficiency of our services.

Additionally, in the waste management industry, problems are bound to rise – like in any other businesses. If such problems arise in regards to our service, you can talk to our friendly customer service team!


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