Are Mirrors Recyclable? : In this blog, we will take a look and see whether or not mirrors are recyclable. Moreover, we will discover other options to dispose of mirrors if we find recycling unavailable. Continue reading this blog to learn more.


More and more people have become aware of what to and what not to do when it comes to recycling. More importantly, they have now identified plenty of the threats to the environment. As a result, they have changed their lifestyles to fight off the threats and protect the environment.

Through extensive research and studying, we can now determine a common product’s recyclability. “Can I place this in my kerbside recycling bin?” “Do I need to send this item to my local recycling centre?” “Should I place this in my general waste/household rubbish bin?”

In other words, environmentally aware people are increasing and continue to do their part to save the Earth.

However, there are still some items that we are unsure if we can recycle or not. Mirrors, basing off of our reader’s enquiries, are one of them. They always question us whether or not they can recycle their mirrors. So, we have created this blog to answer this recurring question.

Are mirrors recyclable? Or, are they not? Do we have any other options for mirrors if we cannot recycle them? Continue reading below as we answer all of these questions for you!

Short answer: unfortunately, mirrors are not recyclable. However, there are ways to get them off your hands without placing them in the rubbish.

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Are mirrors recyclable or not? What is the answer?

Of course, one might think that they can recycle mirrors easily. After all, they are made from glass one of the most recyclable materials in the world right? Well, that is true. However, it is not as simple as that.

To answer your question: no, mirrors are not recyclable. Why, you ask? It mainly has something to do on how we create this glass item. Mirrors have a reflective coating on the back of the glass. This coating is the reason why you can see your and your surrounding’s reflection on the mirror. As a result of the coating, this makes the glass in the mirror impossible to recycle.

So, how can we dispose of mirrors the right way if we cannot recycle them? We have a few options below for you.


What to do with your mirror, instead

There are a number of options you can do to dispose of your mirrors properly. Below, we give you the options.


  1. Gift your mirrors to others. Do you have any family members that you want to give your mirror to? Your mum and dad might need one, or maybe even your siblings. They can give your old mirror new life by using it at their home. Not only did you finally declutter your house, but you also helped out your family members a lot by giving them your mirror. Now, they do not have to spend more for a mirror.
  2. Sell your mirrors. Mirrors are certainly not recyclable, but they can be easily sold if you want to, especially if you have one that is an eye-catcher. So, put your mirrors on sale if you want to get ride of them. Just give them a bit of cleaning: remove the dirt and dust accumulated using a damp microfibre and rubbing it in a circular motion. Proceed to remove the excess water using a dry microfibre to ensure that there are no water marks or water streaks. Make it look good as new and sell them to an antique shop!
  3. Design them if want. Mirrors can become more aesthetically pleasing under creative hands. You can use your mirrors to create state-of-the-art artworks. Take a look at some ideas here on Pinterest.
  4. Place them in your rubbish bin. If the first three options simply do not apply to you, then do what you must and throw them in the rubbish. Do remember, however, to wrap them in cardboard, newspaper, cloth or any other applicable alternative. Do not feel too bad if goes to landfill mirrors are not recyclable, any way. Just make sure, next times, to buy a mirror that you will use for a long period of time.


If mirror are not recyclable, so are broken mirrors!

Quick answer: you cannot put broken glass, much less broken mirrors, in your recycling bin. Here is how you can dispose of them, according to the blog we linked.

  • Take first what you can see and get easily in safe manner. Use protective gear such as gloves and boots to avoid making direct contact with broken glass. The larger pieces of broken glass should be put together in a pile and eventually wrapped up in several layers of newspaper, cloth or other materials that can easily hold the glass and will not be cut through by the broken pieces easily.
  • Before you wrap them up, make sure to also gather the small shards of broken glass and put them in the pile.
  • Check again before wrapping up tightly. You might have missed a few as glass shards can become too small, therefore too difficult to see everything the first time.
  • After all of that, place them in packaging where they can easily fit and would not cut through easily. Seal the package tightly with tape.
  • Finally, label the box as broken glass so the handlers can easily see them and would not be cut.

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