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Transcript: New Recycling Options In Australia


New Recycling Options In Australia ♻️: Hello and welcome to another edition of “Recycle, Don’t Be a Waster.” I would hate to be known as a negative person, and so you may get sick of me sometimes on this podcast, talking about the difficulties or, you know, the bottlenecks or what is blocking increased recycling in Australia.

And, of course, that also will apply to other countries. And one of the big issues, of course, is transport. It’s getting waste, the niche recycling, the niche products, no matter what they are, whether bottles or different things and getting them to, uh, actually recycling facility in an efficient, you know, method that doesn’t burn more money and create more emissions and waste than, you know, than the benefits of recycling.

So, in today’s episode, I want to cover just a couple of organizations that I’ve become aware of, you know, just recently, just very recently, in the last couple of weeks that I thought I’d share with you that I think help fill that gap. They step into that transport collection of niche products, helping reduce the cost massively for, you know, the actual residents or small businesses so we can recycle more. So, I’ll just get… I’ll run through them, and of course, as usual, I’ll provide the links to the websites in the notes.


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Act 2: New Recycling Options In Australia


So, the first one is one called recyclesmart.com. I think it’s printed predominantly based in Melbourne, but I think, I think we’re in Sydney also, but mostly in Melbourne. And basically, what they do is they drop off bags or pick up bags of whistle-quite small amounts of niche recyclable amounts and pick them up from your doorstep. And they basically charge very low cost for this, so five dollars per bag with a minimum of two-two bags per collection.

So this, they call this a power collection. You can get it done every month for 10 bucks a month and two bags collected. You can skip at any time, and you can charge, you know, you get extra bags for five dollars, and they will pick up items such as soft plastics, obviously, which with the collapse of Terrace, I’m sorry, RedCycle has been a real issue. And you can schedule your pickups. It’s quite e-friendly or website-friendly. You use an app they claim to divert huge amounts so already from recycling, and they’ve been featured on many, you know, media.

YouTube video

They’ve been on Nine News, ABC News, 7 News, SBS, and the reviews on Google are excellent, uh, 4.9 stars from 695 reviews. So, I certainly want to watch out for, certainly, one we would remote. There are soft plastics are processed by APR Plastics, it says, and wearable clothes are donated to local charities. So, there’s a lot of good stuff happening, and that is one.


Act 3: New Recycling Options In Australia


I’ll just look at the “What we collect” page. So, they collect stuff like soft plastics, clothes and textiles, e-waste, and just odds and ions and alternates, expanded polystyrene, batteries, light bulbs, that sort of stuff. So, like, if you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of aspirations to recycle more, but you sometimes can’t get to those recycling facilities. And so, this is, to be honest, I think it’s a great idea. So, that’s recyclesmart.com, is the first one.

The second one I wanted to mention today is similar. It’s more aimed at maybe companies, or small businesses, and that is a business called matesonthemove.org. Matesonthemove.org, all one word, dot org, obviously not one word, but matesonthemove.org. And so, they provide is more for commercial – it’s providing to waste removal services to, I suppose, businesses. So, they support prisoners in New South Wales, which helps rehabilitate ex-offenders and get them back into the workforce.

So, another good news story. And they collect other niche items, such as polystyrene, glass, and containers for the deposit scheme, paper towels, and coffee cups, which are used to make alternative fuel, I believe the doors facility in Sydney. So, another great, great news story. And I think, you know, for a business or anyone like that, and potentially look into that if you are, you know, seeking to recycle that stuff like polystyrene that really is very difficult to find.


Act 4: New Recycling Options In Australia


Paper towels and cups, you know, it’s hard to get rid of it without it going in the landfill due to the current problems in the recycling industry. And I suppose the third one, and I find this to be a really useful resource is on TerraCycle, who obviously we speak about a lot on this website and on our podcast.

And they do, you know, niche recycling over multiple things, from, you know, getting coffee pods to toys to everything, really, off as waste. So, they have on their website, you can find free drop-offs. And this was something I didn’t realize they actually operated to this extent. So, you can go to their website at terracycle.com, and make sure you go to the Australian website by selecting the little flag in the top, and then you can, there’s a free recycling drop-off.

So, certain people will set up drop-off facilities basically where there are these product stewardship schemes, you know, and some of the examples are the big the pan company. There are other examples or beauty beauty packaging. You’ve got the Sephora stores, Priceline, these sort of places. Even Havaianas thongs.


Act 5: New Recycling Options In Australia


And so, quite a lot of weird and wonderful items can be recycled. And it gives the list as to you put in your postcode or your address, and it will tell you where you can go to, uh, to drop these things off for free. A lot of them are very conveniently located in shopping centers and places that you, you’re probably going to anyway.

So, it’s this sort of a thing, you can, if you haven’t, you know, you’re in a house cleanup, throw in the back of the car, and when you’re in that area, you can, you know, drop them off for free. And I think this is great because, you realistically, most people only have one or two items, probably, a Terracycle recycling box is probably outside there, too expensive for them.


Act 6: New Recycling Options In Australia


They’re often… don’t know if they can drive to a facility to drop them off. And like, let’s be honest, the vast majority of the time, this stuff ends up in landfill. So, another great opportunity. And that is that’s our third to end this podcast. So, Terracycle, on their free recycling drop-offs, and you can just go on the website and explore all the options in your area.

Again, those three were recyclersmart.com and matesonthemove.org and Terracycle. So, again, we’ll leave it there, and I’ll say, have a great week. I’m not sure what day you’re listening to this on, but remember, Recycle and don’t be a Waster!


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