Waste Balers and Compactors 🗑️♻️: Some of you who are new to everything about waste management may not know what balers or compactors are. Furthermore, they may not fully comprehend what they do and how they help various waste management bodies.


In this blog, we will discuss key points everyone should know about waste balers and compactors. Are waste balers and compactors the same? What do they really do? Additionally, what should you pick for your business? Should you pick a baler or a compactor? Waster will discuss those things here in this blog. Read on to learn more.


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Discussion On Waste Balers And Compactors

First things first, balers differ from compactors. But one should know their similar functions, beforehand. In essence, they both compress waste materials, turning them into blocks.


Turning them into blocks comes with a number of benefits. Balers and compactors both ensure that the materials they compress properly becomes much easier to keep around, transfer, and process.


But now, what is the main difference between the two? Answer: it has something to do with what materials they process.



A baler compresses and packs recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and others. In order to easily store and transport it, they are made into a bale-shaped, compacted material by the baler. Furthermore, the ones responsible then take the compacted recyclables to a recycling facility, which can either be reused or sold.



Compactors, on the other hand, does not bundle recyclable waste. Instead, they compact the tricky rubbish – waste you can throw in the general waste bin. But, much like the waste baler, waste compactors also packs materials for storage, transferring, and processing.


Quick Recap Of Waste Balers and Compactors’ Differences

To summarise, there is a distinguishable difference between a compactor and a baler even with the striking resemblance and function.


In general, they both bundle waste into a boxed-shaped combined materials. But the difference is that balers deal with recyclable waste while compactors deal with general waste – or rubbish, if you want to call it that.


Waste Balers And Compactors: What Should You Pick For Your Business?

Obviously, if you produce more recyclables, you should go ahead and purchase a waste baler. Conversely, if you generate more rubbish, you will find it best to purchase a waste compactor, instead.


Do you want to just reduce your waste? Or maybe, do you want to promote sustainability and recycle more? Now, that is up to you! And for either one of the choices, you can expect waste balers and compactors to help you out.


Various Information And Two Examples

Did you know that there are different kinds of compactors? If you look at different waste compactors and balers manufacturers, you will see that they offer the products that look quite different from each other. Check out Waste Initiatives for a good example.


Depending on what you see fit, you can buy a waste compactor that suits your needs. You can find waste management compactors with different sizes, depending on your business’s needs.


Many have compactors on their waste trucks. Rear end loader waste compactor trucks are becoming more prominent today, as to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. As such, mobile waste compactors have proven to be helpful to the waste management world. If these types of waste management blogs interest you, take a look at our blog on compaction of solid waste. This will better help you understand the benefits of compacting waste. But Waster will also be discussing a gist of the benefits of having a waste baler or compactor in the following section.


Businesses are not the only who can purchase waste balers or compactors. If households would want, they can also purchase the stylish yet convenient mini waste compactor to efficiently manage their waste.


Waste Balers And Compactors: Benefits

I have read a beautiful statement found on Waste Today’s article, wherein they interviewed Bill Wilkerson, the national manager for Pinnacle Compactors. He had this to say:


“As a rule of thumb, you can expect a 3 to 1 ratio in terms of waste reduction from having a compactor,” Wilkerson says. “So, for instance, if you have an open-top container being picked up once a week and you’re paying $200 per week, that’s $800 per month. With a 3 to 1 compaction ratio, you’re going to haul that material once a month, so you go from $800 to $200. You still have to rent the machine, but you’re saving that money, and you don’t have to deal with that truck on your property. In all, I’d say you can expect maybe a 60 percent savings in your hauling costs with compaction.”


Long story short, you do not need to worry about increasing costs when you plan on purchasing waste balers or compactors. In fact, you can even save collection costs! Additionally, you can also save on manpower costs as this can reduce the time and effort it takes to handle waste.


Waste Balers And Compactors: Conclusion

If you want to decrease costs without sacrificing productivity in waste management, you can opt to purchase a waste baler or compactor.


Note that these two have the same functions but do not process the same type of waste.


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