Are Umbrellas Recyclable? ☂️: Umbrellas are known for keeping you out of a wet situation. But, are they known for being recyclable? Let us find out more by going through this blog, talking about umbrella recycling.

Umbrella recycling’s possibility depends on whether or not your local recycling centre/facility accepts them.

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No one in Australia (or in any other parts of the world, really) would deny the eternal usefulness of having an umbrella. Homes with old, unused umbrellas could only mean one thing: the house was already abandoned for a long time, deprived of human contact.

The glaring heat of the sun? The endless downpour of rain? Those would never be a problem with an umbrella at hand! Even though we are not umbrella experts by all means, what we can say is you should invest in an umbrella that can last you many years without you having to change it on a frequent basis.

You should consider how comfortable the umbrella is when you hold it, first and foremost. Additionally, one good indicator that you got your money’s worth is your umbrella’s ability to collapse in only two sections instead of multiple. There are more indicators on what makes an umbrella worth buying, but let us save that for another discussion.

Of course, the reason why we want you to buy a long-lasting umbrella is to avoid changing so often. This affects the environment negatively, potentially harming it in the long run, hence suggesting to you should get an umbrella that will last you for a long time.

However, what about those umbrellas that were already discarded, unused or, even unwanted? How do we deal with those? Are umbrellas like those we described recyclable? Let us answer these questions below.


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Let us talk about if umbrellas are indeed recyclable

Now, umbrellas should be the last thing you expect when it comes to talking about things that are recyclable. After all, when we talk about recycling, we usually think about paper, metal, glass and plastic items. But then again, we have to determine, for every things that we have in this world, if they have a place to go after their useful life.

To answer the question of umbrellas are recyclable: the answer to that would quite vary depending on where you live. Umbrellas are recyclable. But, they are recyclable only if your local recycling centre/facility accepts this type of waste. To find out, you have to ask your local council if you have any available recycling centres/facilities in your area that accept umbrellas. Some areas do while some do not. We will elaborate further.


Why can or can’t you recycle umbrellas?

There are quite a few reasons why you can and cannot recycle umbrellas. We talk about why you can recycle them first.

A typical umbrella is usually made from iron, leather, plastic, textile and wood – all of these materials mentioned are recyclable individually. However, when they come together to form the umbrella that we all love, things become a little bit complicated.

For starters, each material requires a different recycling process from the others, so combining them together may make them all non-recyclable altogether. However, we should not remove the possibility of umbrellas being recycled as a whole. After all, we did mention that umbrellas are indeed recyclable.

In Australia, we have an example of a local council that accepts umbrellas for recycling. Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre, situated in Bayside, of course, accepts umbrellas for recycling. If you live near the recycling centre, then we suggest you get your umbrellas there ASAP!


If umbrellas are not recyclable in your area for some reason, what are your other options?

There are still a number of options you can exercise before even thinking about placing it in the general waste/household rubbish bin. Naturally, we want to take a look at our options as we want to avoid sending umbrellas to landfill as much as possible. Below, we enumerate the options:

  1. Give them to your family or close friends. Instead of stressing how you could get rid of your unwanted umbrellas, you can opt to give them a second life by giving them to your family or close friends. Just ask them nicely if they are in need of an umbrella for the harsh sunlight or random rain showers. They will surely appreciate the kind gesture!
  2. Sell them. Your umbrellas might be worth a few bucks, so you should look to sell them if you do not intend on using them ever again. There are various e-commerce sites you could access wherein you could post your umbrella. A net surfer searching for used umbrellas or two might pop up and ask for details. Better yet, one might even buy your posted umbrella!
  3. Upcycle your umbrellas. If some umbrellas are recyclable, even more are ‘upcyclable’! Find some of the best ideas you could do in Pinterest and let your artsy side out!

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