How To Recycle Plastic Bottles πŸ’§: Recycling plastic water bottles involves an intricate process that should be followed to ensure perfect results. Find out below how the plastic water bottle recycling happens and what you can do to ensure the recycling of your own plastic bottle.

We certainly would never suggest you buy and consume plastic water bottles at all. Waster, of course, would suggest to find the most sustainable way (i.e., creating a circular economy) to drink water. However, we do understand the convenience of turning to single-use plastic bottles as the only way to quench your thirst. After all, you might have forgotten your reusable bottle or do not have any available refilling stations. We also do understand if you like using them better than refillable bottles over all because they are lightweight and easy to hold and bring to different places. Not only that, but they are hard to break and strong enough.

Nevertheless, you should make sure to handle it properly so that your empty plastic bottle does not end up in landfill. In addition, sustainability should still be first at mind as to protect our environment and natural resources. So, you have to make sure to recycle that plastic bottle you just bought and not dump it in the rubbish.

For you to ensure your water bottle’s recycling, you have to know how to do everything the right way. We have made a guide on how you can recycle plastic bottle the correct way below. Make sure to check it out if you want to learn more.


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Here is how you can recycle plastic bottles the right way

The first question you should ask yourself before reading further is this: are plastic bottles recyclable? The answer to that is a big, fat yes! You should aim to recycle plastic bottles any chance you can get as doing so will help out the environment and save natural resources.

You can easily place them in your household recycling bin (for businesses: commingled recycling bin service). There is a small chance that your plastic bottle will be recycled into what it was intended to be: a plastic bottle again. Or, recycling plants could also turn them into plastic pellets through a process which we will elaborate further.


Recycling plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottles has a number of steps that you should know of before placing them in your bin. Remember these when you want to know how your plastic bottles get recycled.

After receiving the plastic bottles – either from homes, businesses or industries – they are separated from other recyclables such as glass, metal and other types people can put in their bins.Β  Next, the recycling plant workers proceed to sort its type (i.e., what type of plastic it is). Next, the plastic bottles are then cleaned, dried and removed of any contents inside such as food, liquids or other chemicals that might be present.

Here comes the vital part of plastic bottle recycling: shredding. The bottles are all ground up and shredded into teensy, tiny flakes. Finally, they are now melted down and formed into small pellets – the size of the pellets are as small as grains of rice. These pellets are gathered, bundled up, offered and sold to companies that melt and turn them into different products. Examples of products that use these recycled plastic pellets include toys, tools, furniture, clothing, carpets and a lot more!


Main things to remember if you want to recycle your plastic bottles

Now that you have learned how your plastic bottles get recycled, it is now time to discover what you should to ensure plastic bottle recycling.


Should you leave the plastic bottle cap on or off?

In any of the blogs/articles you encounter that discusses how to recycle plastic bottles the correct way, you will always see this question pop up.

The answer: it depends on where you live. Some will require you to take the top off whilst some would not (Bayside City Council, for example, would allow tops to be attached). All you have to do is contact your local council and ask if you should keep or take it off.

To learn more about botte tops/caps, take a look at our blog on how to recycle the bottle caps.

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Do you need to clean the plastic bottles yourself?

Typically, you do not have to rinse your plastic bottles before recycling them. However, you should still make sure to let them dry and/or empty them of any contents. This is to ensure that your plastic bottles get recycled and do not get contaminated, deformed, ruined etc.


Make sure to crush plastic bottles so they get recycled

Do not throw plastic bottles into your bins without properly crushing them first for recycling. First, remove the cap, squeeze out all of the air accumulated inside and put the cap back on tightly. Proceed to crush it afterwards.

The reason why you should do this is to save space space and/or put more in your bin. In addition, it will allow more plastic bottles to be recycled.


Should I place them in a bag?

The answer to that would be no. Even if the bag is recyclable, it is still not advised to put the plastic bottles in it as this may slow down the recycling machinery and force manpower to remove the bags first, which might take precious time in the process. Place them in their crushed state as-is; no need to put a bag on them.


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