Bicycle Recycle 🚲: In this blog, we discover how you can recycle your bicycle. There are different ways on how you can deal with your bike, and we cover them all. Continue reading to learn more. 

These last 2 years have become quite a challenge to everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the frequent strict implementation of lockdowns here and there, a lot were forced to stay inside of their own homes – for their own health and safety, of course. However, the lack of physical activities and social interactions became an issue for many, including me.


Benefits of cycling

I gained a lot of unwanted weight during the pandemic because I could not do my daily exercise: walking around the neighbourhood a couple of times whilst greeting and interacting with people. Now that restrictions in our area have somewhat eased, I cycled like crazy to shed some weight, having the time of my life because I really love it! Cycling gives me the opportunity to work out and keep me fit, provide myself with happiness and take myself to different places wherever my feet decide to take me. It is just that fun and rewarding!

Many people agree with me on this: cycling provides a lot of benefits. Aside from those benefits above, cycling also gives you a cost-free way of going to and from places. For example, instead of driving to work, you could cycle there instead. Not only does it cost you less money, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, thereby helping the environment.



But, what if you decide to get a new bicycle? What do you do with your old one? Or, another scenario: you get a new job located at a further city – too far for you to cycle, therefore prompting you to use your car, motorbike or simply just commute to work. What do you do with your old, unwanted bicycle?

Below, we provide you with a number of options to recycle your bicycle.


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How to recycle your bicycle

You do not have to let your bicycle rot away in your garage. There are plenty of ways to deal with your unused bicycle. Let it become useful once again!

Truthfully, there are a lot of bicycles in this world. Nobody really knows how many bicycles currently exist in the world. However, estimations state that there are probably around a billion bikes already, and that number continues to grow by the minute. Imagine how many of those currently gather dust in the garage – quite sad, right?

Fortunately, Australia has a number of organisations that have use for your old bicycles.


Before you recycle your bicycle…

Maybe the reason why you left your bicycle unused for a long time is because it is broken.

If so, you can try to improve your repair and maintenance skills. Just learn the basics. There are plenty of how-to guides on the internet that teaches you how to maintain your bicycles. In addition, there are tutorials and online communities you can access that can help you determine what you should do to repair your bicycle.


Time to recycle your bicycle!

Good condition or not, there are plenty of options for your bicycle.

First, we provide you with some options on how to deal with your good-conditioned bicycle. Obviously, you could first seek to give it to your other family members or close friends. Ask them if they want it, then give it to them if they say yes. Not only do you take it off your hands, but you’ve also made one of the people closest to you happy.

Now, if you do not have the above-mentioned as an option, then you can opt to recycle your bicycles by donating them to the local community. For example, in NSW, there are a number of organisations that accept bicycles. They fix them up before donating them to those in need. For example, bicycle NSW provided some options you can talk about and send your bicycles to.


Western Sydney Cycling Network: WSCN fixes up donated bicycles and loans them to the local community to promote recycling, sustainability and healthy living. Previously loved bikes are also for sale.

Bicycle Garden: Bicycle Garden is a volunteer-run organisation and welcomes donations. Due to our limited storage space in a small shared space, we are unable to accept all donations.

Cycle Re-cycle Club: The Cycle Re-cycle Club accepts donated bikes and spare parts for the purpose of injecting more working bikes into the community. Volunteers provide bicycle repair assistance and tools at their twice-weekly workshops.

Newcastle Push Bike Library: Restores, cheaply sells and lends out donated or traded bikes and spare parts in order to promote cycling in the local community. They also run free workshops on bicycle repair and safe riding skills.

Bikes 4 Life: Bikes 4 Life is a not-for-profit organisation that alleviates poverty and social injustice in Australia and overseas by recycling and restoring discarded bikes. With the simple gift of a bicycle, families can enhance their standard of living dramatically, especially those in marginalised impoverished communities.

Addvantageous: Based at the Parramatta Bike Hub, Addvantageous is a social enterprise that reinvests income generated from bike hire and commercial programs into programs that help all members of the community develop lasting life skills through cycling.


What about bad-conditioned bicycles?

If you have an unrepairable bike, what should you do?

Answer: Recycle your bicycle’s metal parts, instead. Plenty of locations accept mixed metals. Nonetheless, you should still contact your local council for more information on how to deal with your bicycle.


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