Grease trap Adelaide: If you operate a business serving food or preparing food such as a cafe, restaurant or hotel in Adelaide (food business could also be a factory or function suite), you will likely require a trade waste number and a grease interceptor trap to prevent your sewers and water system from becoming blocked with greasy waste from your waste water.


We provide answers to numerous questions surrounding cleaning and pumping out of grease traps here – Grease traps cleaning. You can also find a detailed document produced by SA Water (the organisation tasked by the South Australian Government for regulation and control of water standards) here on commercial food preparation and service and your requirements as a business operator.


In today’s blog – we aim to cover a very basic introduction to grease pitts and what a liquid waste removal service will usually involve.


Getting a regular cleaning for your business is very much like maintan


Grease trap Adelaide – what you need to know


All Waster services are performed by fully licensed and regulated truck and personnel ensuring that the pump out is in compliance with the SA Water schedule.


Your service will be on a service as mandated by SA Water – i.e. every 13 weeks or less often. Waster will register your business with the SA Water system and carry out the scheduled services as they fall due.


What does a grease trap system do?


A grease interceptor or grease trap is a simple device used by food service businesses to prevent grease and oils and foodwaste from blocking up the waster piping system. If you operate a commercial kitchen – it is likely that you will produce much more food waste than the average business or private property.


When the waste water from your food preparation kitchen goes down the sink – it will bring significant amounts of fats and oils with it.


This will overtime block your pipes and could require a licensed plumber to rectify. Organising a regular grease trap clean in accordance with the set schedule will prevent this from happening.


A grease trap acts to prevent this as the grease and oils will float to the top and be separated. A grease trap cleaning service will involve the trap being pumped out and scrubbed at regular intervals.


The trapped waste will then be pumped out – and not cause trouble by entering the wastewater system or sewer system.


You thus have nothing to worry about as your business will always be compliant with legislation. To cancel with us – just give us 30 days notice in writing and you can cancel at any time.


For an insight into what a grease trap prevents – see the tv report below on huge fatbergs in sewers in London:




Grease trap Adelaide – costs for a service


On a scheduled service with Waster – getting a grease trap service (i.e. pump out) costs $0.17 +GST per litre (with a minimum charge of 1000 litres or $170+GST). For example, a 500 litre trap will be charged at $170+GST per service and a 1500 litre trap will be charged at $255.00+GST.


This assumes your grease trap is conveniently reached and a truck can be parked nearby.


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We provide all liquid waste services for businesses in the Adelaide metro region covering septic tanks, grease arrestor traps and triple interceptors.


We can provide pricing for any size of grease trap – from c.50 litres for small under counter units – up to very large commercial traps at 10,000 litres or larger.


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