New Year Recycling 🧨: Last year, I vowed to lose weight and spend less on silly things at the start of the year. I would rather spend my money on going to the gym instead of food as a way to lose weight, get fit, and improve my health. I also vowed to save more money for the future and reduce spending them on expensive stuff that I don’t really need. What about you?Β 

Every year, people come up with their own New Year’s resolution to improve themselves. What if we focus this energy on New Year and use it to better our recycling schemes, right?

As a result, we here at Waster present you with some ways how to make recycling a part of your New Year’s resolution. Just like us doing a blog on Christmas, we will also do a blog in New Year about recycling.

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A bit about Waster

Before we move on to the main topic, let me first explain how Waster can help with your New Year recycling resolution!

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Now, on to the main topic of New Year recycling.


New Year recycling: why we should do it

First of all, why do we even make New Year’s resolutions? Isn’t it because we want to become a better version of ourselves?Β 

You got that right! Well, the same goes for recycling. By practising recycling, we help make the environment a better version of itself.Β 

I can think of so many ways in which recycling helps not just us, but everything and everyone around us, as well.Β 

First of all, it diverts waste going into landfill. According to theΒ Department of the Environment and Energy National Waste Report 2018, we threw more than 21Mt of waste in landfill. Alarming, isn’t it? But if you take the New Year recycling resolution seriously, it will surely be a great help in avoiding this.

Second, it reduces the production of greenhouse gases. Let me use food waste as an example. Did you know that if you improperly dispose of organic food waste, it decomposes the wrong way and produces methane as a result?Β 

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, along with water vapour and carbon dioxide. By properly disposing of and decomposing organic food waste, we lessen the risk of methane wreaking havoc in the atmosphere.

Lastly, it helps people earn extra cash. Practically speaking, earning money is as important as ever. To further encourage recycling, some organisations incentivised it.Β 

One example isΒ BoxCycling. What this does is it connects you with buyers interested in your new or used boxes and helps you sell them. As a result, you reduce waste and earn!

Consider all of these in your New Year recycling resolution.


New Year recycling: make this your New Year’s resolution!

Here, I will present to you some New Year recycling resolutions inspired by RecycleRemindersΒ you should take to heart and do.

new year recycling water bottle

      • Paperless place First on our list: cutting off the use of paper. There are many alternative options instead of using paper. Let me use the typical office workplace as an example. Have you heard of the paperless office? Basically, this greatly reduces the need for paper in an office as there are already other options to use. Instead of using paper for documents, you can choose to do and process them digitally, instead.
      • Compost! Next on our New Year recycling resolution list: composting. As I have already stated, it is important that you properly dispose of your organic food waste and avoid it going into landfill. Contact your local council and ask if they have a local composting facility. You can even compost your organic food waste in your own backyard or garden.
      • No Styrofoam allowed – Styrofoam, made from polystyrene, is bad for the environment. It affects both human health and the environment negatively. There are many ways you can avoid this. For example, try to use a more environmentally friendly plate instead of styrofoam ones. To add, you can also try to find an alternative packaging instead of the polystyrene ones.
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    • Remove paper bags. Many restaurants and fast-food chains nowadays resort to more eco-friendly ways to reduce plastic pollution. Instead of using plastic bags, they resort to paper bags. Another example is in grocery stores. When buying groceries, opt instead to use eco-friendly tote bags instead of plastic ones. For me, this is one of the easiest New Year recycling resolutions you can implement in your life.
    • Reduce electricity consumption. The use of electricity affects the environment, as well. Electricity is usually generated from fossil fuels, so saving electricity means reducing the consumption of fossil fuels such as gas and oil. When going to sleep, turn off your devices and appliances. Unplug unused electronics.
    • Use your own containers. Have you heard of the term “BYOC”? If not, let me further talk about it. BYOC, or bring your own cup/container, emphasises the reduction of the use of plastic cups and containers. Search online or shop at physical stores, many of them sell washable cups and containers.
    • Just recycle and recycle! We don’t have to make recycling complicated. There are many ways to recycle, you just have to search and study about it more in order to do your part in saving the environment. For your New Year recycling resolution, study and take the steps necessary to be an effective recycler.

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The New Year is coming, so think hard about your New Year’s resolution and try recycling more!

New Year recycling resolution ensures the sustainability of the environment and reduces the possibility of waste going into landfill and causing pollution.

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