Waste Management In Aged Care Facilities πŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ‘΅πŸ»: Taking care of our elderly in Australia is no easy task. Aged care facilities, in particular, should do everything within their capabilities to make the elderly’ lives safer, healthier, and more comfortable.

In fact, waste management should be one of the utmost priorities when having this discussion. Nothing spells safe or clean, healthy, and comfortable more than having the best waste management practices in aged care facilities, after all.

In today’s blog, we will discuss key things we need to remember in regard to cleaning up and maintaining aged care facilities. Read on to learn more.

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Things to remember in aged care facilities waste management

As people in Australia age over the years, the aged care sector will continue to increase in the following years. In 2017, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) tallied Australia’s elderly and came up with 15 per cent, or around 1 in 7 people. In simpler terms, this means that there are over 1 in 7 people in Australia aged 65 and over.

As a result, it is in our best interest to bolster the facilities to tend to the needs of the elderly. Obviously, this means that waste management practices should be planned and implemented properly.

As stated in the section above, we need to remember three things: hygiene, health and comfort for the elderly. In the sections below, we will discuss each three and how we can improve their situation through proper waste management practices.


Aged care waste management on hygiene

Naturally, elderly people are more vulnerable than the younger demographic. Having proper hygiene through waste management around the area protects the elderly from sickness contracted due to poor environments.

Additionally, this will also assure the elderly’s loved ones that they sent their mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather to the correct aged care facility with the best waste management practices.

Aged care facilities can work with a waste management company to maintain hygiene in their area. Waster, in particular, will streamline the waste generated from the facilities depending on the needs. Furthermore, Waster will also work with aged care facilities regarding the best method and bins most appropriate to use. Everything there is to consider, Waster will provide a solution for!


On health

We can say that improved hygiene also means improved health. And, as they say, “Health is wealth”. For this section, let us discuss clinical waste produced by aged care facilities.

What is clinical waste in a care home? Naturally, the elderly need to be taken care of medically in more frequent cases. As a result, there is a significant amount of clinical waste generated in the aged care facility.

Clinical waste in a care home or aged care facility means “any waste produced from medical, nursing, dental, pharmaceutical, skin penetration or other related clinical activity” that the elderly need on a frequent basis to live more healthily.

Clinical waste should be properly treated or disposed of. In particular, waste management companies strongly recommend getting a clinical or medical waste bin to (a) sterilise and dispose of the waste in a landfill or (b) sterilise and incinerate the waste. Read our blog on clinical waste disposal in 2020.

To add, medical – clinical, cytotoxic, anatomical, etc – waste needs to be separated from general waste. Additionally, the segregation does not stop there; you also need to separate the types of medical waste. Remember, Waster will help with all of that!


On comfortability

Who would find a poorly managed facility in terms of waste reduction and disposal comfortable? All of us will answer none. We want what is best for the elderly and the staff working. As a result, aged care facilities would definitely want to bolster their waste management practices to provide an excellent and comfortable experience to the ones working and staying in the facility.

With the right amount of bins, as well as the careful, well-thought location of the bins, proper waste management practices can make the people in the aged care facilities’ life more comfortable. Additionally, this will also ensure the proper segregation and disposal of the waste produced inside or outside the facility.


Waste management in aged care facilities: conclusion

Aged care waste management can ensure the elderly’s comfort, health, and safety inside the facility. As a result, it is especially needed and should be implemented as soon as possible.

And, in Australia, Waster can help with all of your waste management and recycling needs!


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