When it comes to organising reliable waste management – it sometimes feels like you are hitting your head against a brick wall! On paper it sounds so simple – i.e. that you leave your bins out on a set day each week – and the garbage or recycling truck comes round and collects them. However – as with all systems and processes – sooner or later something will go wrong and your bins will not be collected!


In today’s blog – we intend to cover some of the issues impacting reliable waste management services and some of the reasons that bin collections are sometimes (hopefully very rarely) missed.




A bit about Waster


Waster is a startup business in Australia that provides low cost waste and recycling services (reliable rubbish removal and reliable waste management) to small and medium companies throughout the country.


We apply the latest technology to ensure our services are as accurate as possible – and also enabling you to access all the waste and recycling services on the market.


In 2019 – even the smallest company can access niche recycling services – so you can boost recycling and minimise your costs – all on flexible 30 day agreements.



Reliable waste management – are there any good reasons why bins do not collected as scheduled?


In all honesty – even with the best and most reliable waste management company – sooner or later you will have a missed bin service – and some of the potential reasons include the below:


Heavy traffic or building work


If you drive for even one day in a major Australian city – you will realise that traffic can be a nightmare – particularly if combined with bad weather.


Reliable waste management


Most garbage and recycling trucks drive at night – but still – sometimes traffic can prevent a collection – i.e. if there is roadwork etc.


Cars blocking access


In a similar way – reliable rubbish removal services requires the truck driver getting access to your garbage bin. If access is blocked by a parked vehicle – there is very little that he can do.


A new driver on the run


Even in the most reliable waste management company – there will be new drivers, drivers sick or on holiday etc – and hence a driver who has not been to your site before and finds it difficult to locate the bin.



This normally gets rectified after the first collection or two.


Human error preventing reliable waste management


You can never discount good old human error – i.e. where someone forgets to change details, enter the service on the run sheet – or any number of issues. Reliable waste management depends on a whole chain of communication before any bin ever gets emptied at all!


Mechanical problems with the truck


As you can see in the video above – a garbage truck is a very complex and expensive piece of equipment – and requires constant maintenance. Even then – break downs and repairs can happen on an unexpected basis.


IT issues


Of course – IT issues can also play a part in any company. We see this when there is a glitch in software or a refresh – over a weekend. Thankfully these issues are rare.


Bin not out!


Even though often the truck is responsible for a missed bin – it is often very often the site for not putting their bins out for collection at the right day or time! It is also important to ensure it has a lock the driver has a key for!




Ensuring reliable waste management is not an easy process – when you consider all the issues as listed above – and it takes just one of them to go wrong to lead to a missed bin collection.


In defence of truck drivers – it is a very difficult and under appreciated job even at the best of times.


Basically our society depends on them working hard every night!