Australian Garbage trucks: when you book a waste management or recycling service – reliability of collections has to be one of the most important aspects of a good service. The waste industry has traditionally had a number of problems that have led to unhappy customers and unreliable service.


Rubbish collection combines a couple of required skill sets and specialisations – Australian garbage trucks need to accurately and safely travel to and from thousands of locations every night – and remove the rubbish. This needs to be done reliably and in a timely manner. This combines expertise in logistics – i.e. transport or materials but also in customer service – such as ensuring extra bookings and last minute changes are factored in.


It must be remembered – that due to ever increasing traffic on our roads, Australian garbage trucks are fighting an uphill battle every day. It is getting harder to complete all required collections – especially when stuck in tailbacks and traffic jams. Of course – getting a large garbage truck through traffic – and parking to collect a bin – is much trickier than a normal commute to work!


In this blog we will cover a number of potential solutions for some of the bottlenecks that we can face.


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Australian Garbage trucks: Can technology help improve the reliability of waste services and collections?


When arranging garbage truck pick up services for your businesses – there are commonly a number of bottle necks that you need to be aware off – we will address these below:


Delivery of bins: getting your bins on site on the day as arranged can be trickier that you may expect. We often get calls from nervous business owners – who do not have garbage bins organised one day before their grand opening! It is sometimes tricky to explain why delivery will take a few days at a minimum – we usually say 7 days.


Australian garbage trucks companies may not always have the required bin sizes in stock, or the deliveries for that day are too many to be carried out – and hence may need to be carried forward to the following day.


Of course – prior to delivery – a health and safety assessment needs to be completed – and documentation provided to the garbage truck man (or woman) so they know where the bin is positioned and how to empty it.


Easy solutions in this regard would involve delivery company systems such as used by couriers, Amazon etc.


A simple app carried by the delivery person would let the customer know where they are and when the bin will be delivered. It will also enable an e-signature to be taken from the customer when the bin is dropped off. It is amazing how often customers have problems locating bins that have been delivered – i.e. many bins look alike for example!  The systems available are plentiful  – see attached.


Australian garbage trucks services

Delivery day calendar: if you have ever had to leave bins out for a residential garbage removal collection, you will be aware how easy it is to forget the day of collection. This problem can be magnified when your bins are picked up weekly or even less frequently. Waster is launching an app shortly to help customers easily remember when their next bin collection will occur. We will update you on this development prior to launch.


Garbage bin location sensors – to counteract theft of commercial garbage bins – and also to indicate to the garbage truck man – where the bin is positioned is a challenge sometimes.  GPS trackers are becoming cheaper and more robust and reliable all the time. When you consider how many tons does a garbage truck weigh (c. 20 tonnes depending on size etc) – you will understand why the sensor needs to be robust and reliable.


Usage of small sensors can really improve pickup accuracy.




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