Ways To Recycle Pringles Cans ♻️: To date, this is one of my favourite topics to discuss with you! That is because I have been a sucker for Pringles ever since I was a child up until now. I can eat a lot of those – the original flavour – on a lazy day.

I know some of you love it, too, as much as I do (or even more so). But let me ask you this: what do you with the cans left after emptying them? After all, there may be some environmentalists here who want to be informed on how to deal with the cans properly.

Do you find ways on how to recover it for the good of the environment? Or do you just chuck it in the rubbish bin?

Some people may wonder if you can recycle a Pringles can or not. As a result, we have done our research to help you know the answer! Read on to learn more.

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Things you should know before trying to recycle Pringles cans

For us to truly know this can’s recyclability, we must first know its composition.

Essentially, a can of Pringles is made from foil, a paperboard tube, a resealable plastic cap and a metal cap at the bottom.

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Now, the real question here is with these different types of materials present in a Pringles can, can we truly throw them in the recycling bin and wait for it to be recycled?

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The answer: maybe not… yet

As we have already mentioned above, we will find recycling Pringles cans a bit difficult because of the different components it possesses. If you really do want to recycle the Pringles cans you have at your home, you first have to separate the components, which is quite difficult to do.

To summarise, you can recycle the individual parts such as the lid, for example.

Even though we can see a “recyclable” label imprinted on the can, many still argue and prove this to be false. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to label their products as recyclables.

After all, no one is really stopping them from doing so. According to an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald, this can lead people to do something wrong: trying to recycle something non-recyclable by normal standards.

Their interview with Brad Gray of Planet Ark perfectly sums this up:

“Currently manufacturers of packaging and products can put any label they like on it, to say it’s recyclable. But it’s not backed by any evidence, so they could be telling people to recycle stuff that isn’t actually recyclable,” said Brad Gray, head of campaigns at Planet Ark.

So, is there really not any way we can recycle Pringles cans in the present or near future?


We can recycle Pringles cans in the future!

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and change. That is also true with the Pringles can’s packaging; it will change in the near future, prompting it to be more easily recyclable.

Kellogg Company recently announced that they are changing the components of the Pringles can in the UK this September as a test trial. The trial occurs in select Tesco stores.

The Pringles can – originally made from foil, paperboard, metal, and plastic – will now be changed into a new tube made of recycled paper. The Kellogg Company claimed the new Pringles can is “widely recyclable”.

This is in part of Kellogg’s movement to ensure the Pringles can be 100 per cent recyclability, compostability, and reusability by the end of 2025.


Use your creativity

In the meantime, until the Pringles can truly become recyclable, you can use your creativity and try to upcycle it.

There are many websites that provide tutorials on what to do with your Pringles cans, an example of which is Pinterest.

You can turn your Pringles cans into various things like a pencil and pen holder, a kitchen utensils holder, improvised pots for your plants, or even a base for a design this coming holidays!

You can also turn it into a cute sunglasses case! Take a look at this video:

YouTube video


Ways to recycle Pringles cans: quick summarisation

Are Pringles packaging recyclable? The answer is both a yes or no. Technically, as we have mentioned above, you can recycle the parts of a Pringles can. However, as a whole, that can turn out quite difficult for the facilities.

As a result, recycling facilities discourage the throwing of Pringles cans in the recycling bin.

However, expect this to change in the future. In the meantime, you can find ways how to creatively transform your cluttered Pringles cans at home into something much more useful with the examples stated above.


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