Wheelie bin cleaning: Mr Waster stayed at a lovely hotel on the Queensland coast for summer holidays a couple of years ago. The hotel was lovely and right on the beach. The only problem about the stay was that the bins at the hotels really smelled bad.


In the tropical heat, the smell from the bins was pretty off putting – even though they were collected every day and the hotel staff attempted to wash the bins out often as well (it is weird the things Mr Waster pays attention to!


We have covered in other blogs how in warmer climates – you may require your bin to be collected more frequently. This is definitely the case for organic food waste bins.



We have covered some of the basic details about bins in recent posts – such as info on wheelie bin sizes and what size is right for your business; and the difference between skip bins and normal bins (called dumpsters by our north American friends). You can also get access to free downloadable garbage bin stickers here.


Wheelie bin cleaning – why it can be vital


We use the term wheelie bin in this blog but we are referring generically to any commercial bin from a small wheelie bin like a 120 litre up to a 4.5m bin. See our online shop for a full listing of bin sizes, locations available and pricing.



Wheelie bin cleaning available for Waster waste management clients


Clients of Waster can organise bin cleaning by contacting us via anyone of our contact methods.


For example – we have numerous customers who prefer to have us arrange their bin cleaning services directly.


Alternatively – we can recommend very good companies such as the Bin Butlers in Melbourne – or Oz Bin Cleaning – who operate nationwide.


Please see your customer welcome letter or via our contact page.


We will organise a prompt bin cleaning service that offers the following:

– Bin cleaning will be performed at your site address – no need for bin to be taken away.

– Water supply not required as service provider takes care of it

– Bin completely cleaned – inside and outside using environmentally friendly materials.

– The bin will be dried and deodorized as part of process.

– The service is fully insured and meets all health and safety requirements. Waste waster will be disposed of correctly.


Tips for keeping a bin smelling fresh – well as fresh as possible!

We detail below a number of tips that could help you reduce the need for bin washing services. We are not going to pretend that garbage bin will ever smell of roses (unless you work in the rose growing industry). After all, as the doctor says – prevention is better than cure.


A. Bag general waste before disposing off it in the bin – keeping  odours locked away to some extent.

B. Close the lid whenever possible

C. Make sure to close the lid on rainy days – as rain will slosh around in the bin

D. Prevent contamination of your recycling bins – i.e. keep your paper and cardboard bins clean by putting some care into the source segregation – i.e. ensuring general waste goes into the general waste bin

E. Keeping bins out of direct sunlight – especially during the summer months. Potential you could have a shaded area or indoor storage area for the bins.

F. Keeping bins closed can also help prevent fruit fly infestations in tropical areas.

G. Organise more regular collections – potentially a smaller bin going more often each week may be a better plan for your business. The less time waste is sitting around the better.


wheelie bin cleaning business

Bin cleaning takeaway

If you seek a competitive quote on bin services – whether general waste or any kind of recycling services – just contact and we will come back to you within 24 hours.


We can generally deliver bins within a week (see our article on rubbish bins Melbourne).

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