Nappy Waste Collection 🧷🚮: Whether you are in a house or in a business, always expect nappies. But after use, where should we put it? And how do we dispose of it? Let me discuss it with you.


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A Bit About Waster

Before we continue our topic on Waster’s nappy waste collection, let me share with you more information about Waster itself.

We here at Waster provide you with innovative solutions for you and your business’s waste management and recycling needs. Furthermore, we provide flexible, 30-day contracts instead of the typical lock-in contracts, which proves to be better.

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Why You Need A Nappy Waste Collection In Your Premises

Hygiene matters. Whether it be your own body or literally anything else, it is always important to maintain cleanliness. But I’ll focus more on keeping good hygiene around premises like a washroom in a house or in a business. How do we make sure to keep those clean? Well, that is by availing a nappy waste collection service!

Why do you need such services? Let me explain.


Mother Disposing Of Baby Wipe In Bin


Importance Of Nappy Waste Disposal: The Negatives

For houses and businesses alike to have a hygienic washroom, nappy waste bins should be installed. Having a dirty comfort room might lead to:


  • Unpleasant experience in your own home – seriously speaking, who would want to have a bathroom full of soiled nappies? I would not. As such, it is important to have a nappy waste bin and collection in order to maintain a bathroom’s cleanliness. See our blog on female sanitary bins.


  •  Contracting different kinds of diseases – having a dirty washroom equates to negative health effects for people. As many of us know, toilets and washrooms are breeding places for germs and bacterias. Catching them may result in contracting diseases like UTI (urinary tract infection), STI (sexually transmitted infections), and much more adverse effects. All of this could be avoided with proper sanitation.


  • Lose customers – you read that right! If you are a business owner, having a dirty washroom may result in you losing customers. In fact, this may not only make you customers, but it may also make you lose some workers, too. Being a good business owner means looking out for the needs of the people around you, and in this case, making sure to avail a nappy waste collection service that benefits you, the workers, and the customers. See our blog on Zero Waste Restaurant – and how it can help keep more customers for your business!



As I always say, in every bad, there also comes good. As a result, I present to you the positive effects of having a nappy waste disposal service:


  • Help the environment – it is a bad practice to dispose of soiled nappies in general waste bins. By availing a nappy waste collection service, you help ensure that nappies are well-disposed of and treated. Additionally, you can help divert nappies from landfill – as it is stated that nappies can indeed be recycled. You can help fight off disposable nappy pollution, which is said to create about 2,000 lbs of waste pollution in only 2 years.


  • Maintain cleanliness in a washroom – nothing beats going into a washroom to relieve yourself – and seeing it squeaky clean. Purchasing a nappy waste bin not only makes the washroom experience pleasant but it also makes it much better to look at compared to used disposable nappies cluttered in a general waste bin.


  • Controls unpleasant odours – obviously, soiled nappies produce a strong, foul smell. As such, it is of the utmost importance to properly dispose of and treat them.


Partnering Up With Waster

You will never have to worry about the negative effects I have stated above if you avail Waster’s nappy waste collection services for your home or business! How does Waster’s nappy waste bins compare to others? Here, I state you the features of our bins:


  • Hygienic bins thoroughly cleaned and sanitised by us
  • Easily moved bins
  • Different kinds of sizes and colours suitable for your home or business
  • Scented bins to ensure the absence of unpleasant odours caused by soiled nappies
  • Strong nappy waste bags that does not tear easily


Why You Should Pick Waster For Your Nappy Waste Collection

If your business is based on Australia, partnering up with Waster will prove to be beneficial for your business. Here, I enumerate to you what we bring to the table in terms of providing quality waste management services.


  1. You pay exactly what you asked for – and not a dollar more! For your waste management and recycling needs for magazines with staples – or any other type of materials – avail our flexible, 30-day contracts instead of those long, unproductive, and hidden fee-containing lock-in contracts.
  2. Designed for small and medium businesses – we help you reduce cost while boosting recycling. That’s a win-win situation!
  3. On-time and reliable – we provide fully-accredited logistics and facility operators. By saying so, we ensure the safety and efficiency of our services.


Additionally, in the waste management industry, problems are bound to rise – like in any other businesses. If such problems arise in regards to our service, you can talk to our friendly customer service team!


Nappy Waste Collection: Conclusion

As I have stated above, you will never have to worry about your baby’s soiled nappies in your house, if you are a parent caring for a child. From a business standpoint, we can assure you that your washrooms are always taken care of and maintained with the purchase of our nappy waste collection services.

Also, purchasing such services at Waster ensures the following:

  • Paying exactly what you asked for
  • Flexible, 30-day contracts
  • Capable customer services ready to help you with your needs in case of mishaps


Waster: More Things You Need To Know

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Also, please call 1300 WASTER (1300 927 837), or email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions.