Blacktown Waste Services 🗑️: If you are a Blacktown or western Sydney based business, you are likely thinking of looking around for more flexible (i.e., no lock-in contracts or dreaded rollover clauses) waste and recycling services for your business, whilst getting lower prices in all of those.

You may get your bargaining skills ready to roll when needed, but you won’t need them as our prices are one of the lowest in the waste and recycling market while still being high-quality. Below, you can read more about Waster.

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Waster is a revolution in the Australian waste and recycling sector as we offer all waste and recycling services on flexible 30-day terms – with no hidden extras such as bin rentals, site fee, environmental fees, etc.


Blacktown waste services: choose a local company for your services

Waster is proud to be headquartered in Blacktown and we were recently covered by our local paper: The Blacktown Sun. We are proud of our community in Blacktown and quote from the article below:

“Described as ‘the Uber of waste‘, the Blacktown start-up connects small-to-medium businesses with flexible waste collection services.

“Mr MacCathmhaoil said access to high-speed broadband has significantly driven down the cost of starting a business, with third-party software and cloud-based storage cutting out a lot of pricey elements.

“Five years ago, companies would have had big mainframe systems, servers and all sorts of stuff that would have cost you huge amounts of capital outlay in the beginning,” he said.

“Waster’s story is one success being touted by the government as the benefit of the NBN.”


The services enumerated and explained

We give you extensive information on our waste and recycling services offered to Blacktown in this section.


Cardboard and paper recycling

cardboard bin - Blacktown waste service

This is a very important waste and recycling service in Blacktown to avail if your business generates a tonne of paper and cardboard. But, you can still get this even if you do not produce a significant amount of cardboard and paper waste.

With this, you not only reduce your costs but you also help sustain the environment, as well as cleaning up your work premises.

Depending on your waste generated, you can avail of Waster’s 240-litre, 660-litre, and 1,100-litre rear lift bin services (recommended for smaller businesses that produce a fair amount of cardboard and paper waster).

Additionally, you can also avail of Waster’s 1.5 cubic-metre, 3.0 cubic-metre, and 4.5 cubic-metre front lift bin services. We here at Waster recommend purchasing these front lift bins if you have a medium-to-bigger business.


Commingled recycle service

commingled recycling - Blacktown waste service

Our services in Blacktown also include much-needed commingled recycling. In fact, you can put all your bottles, cans, and drink containers waste here! They will be sorted out once collected and given a new life, therefore sustaining the environment.

These are the different sizes you can purchase, depending on your business’s generated waste:

  • 240-litre commingled service
  • 660-litre commingled service
  • 1,100-litre commingled service


Confidential paper destruction

Confidential Paper shredding 240 litre bin service bin destruction - Blacktown waste service

There are some papers or documents that your business needs to get rid of but cannot do so easily due to the information contained in them being sensitive data.

In saying this, Waster offers Blacktown businesses the best waste solution/service for this: confidential paper destruction.

Waster offers two standard confidential paper bin sizes, along with quality service:

  • 240-litre confidential paper bin
  • one-off service (120-litre) or the standard 240-litre


General waste

Hobart rubbish removal general waste bin - Blacktown waste service

Anything that is considered non-recyclable and hazardous should be put in the general waste bin. Along with the commingled recycling bin service, Blacktown businesses also need this waste service to dispose of their rubbish properly.

Like in Waster’s other waste management and recycling services, the bins come in different sizes (depending on how big the business is).

For the smaller, rear lift bins:

  • 240-litre general waste bin service
  • 660-litre general waste bin service
  • 1,100-litre general waste bin service


For the bigger, front lift bins:

  • 1.5 cubic metre general waste bin service
  • 3.0 cubic metre general waste bin service
  • 4.5 cubic metre general waste bin service


Grease trap liquid service

Grease Trap Liquid Service

Restaurants or cafes must be careful and check their equipment. They must ensure that they maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their workplace. The grease trap, especially, can get dirty when neglected. But, some businesses simply do not have the means and time to clean their grease trap, which can lead to problems arising if left uncleaned.

So, what businesses can do is avail of a grease trap cleaning service. Waster offers that as well!

Take note that we have also extensively posted different useful information on grease trap cleaning that can prove helpful to you. For example, you can read our blogs on grease trap cleaning FAQs and how often a grease trap should be cleaned.


Medical waste service

clinical waste bin sizes for Ipswich waste services


Hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities produce contaminated, biomedical waste, as well as harmful chemicals that can compromise the health and safety of humans, plants, animals, and the environment as a whole.

As a result, proper waste management is especially required in the healthcare sector due to the reasons stated above. Waster also offers medical bin services for health businesses based in Blacktown that need waste services in their facilities.

Waster offers the bin service in two standard sizes:

  • 120-litre medical bin service
  • 240-litre medical bin service


Organic waste service

Organic waste-120-litre-bin-service-image: budget waste management service

Some businesses resort to putting food waste in the general waste bin, which Waster does not recommend. This is because general waste bins are charged based on the weight of the bin upon the pickup schedule. So, if your bin is heavy, you will be charged more.

The best thing to do here for Blacktown businesses seeking waste and recycling services is to purchase an organic waste bin to “recycle” your food waste. In other words, your food waste will turn into compost or energy through different processes to prevent it from going into a landfill.

Waster offers one standard bin size service for organic waste: a 120-litre organic waste bin service.


TerraCycle Zero Waste boxes

Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes

To help with rubbish removal, we have also teamed up with TerraCycle to bring businesses the Zero Waste Box that deals with tricky-to-recycle materials.

TerraCycle offers recycling programs for waste deemed “unrecyclable”. You can choose from many options such as TerraCycle zero-waste boxes for:

  • Beards and Hairnets
  • Beauty Products
  • Binders and Folders
  • Breakroom Waste
  • Cigarette Waste
  • Coffee Capsules
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Mailroom Supplies
  • Media Storage
  • Office Supplies
  • Pens, Pencils, and Markers
  • Safety Equipment/Protective Gear
  • Snack Wrappers
  • Straws
  • Toys

Additionally, we have included more TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes which include:

  • Oral Care Waste And Packaging
  • Laminated Paper Packaging
  • Art Supplies
  • Centrifuge Tubes And Rigid Lab Plastics
  • Fabrics And Clothing
  • Bottle Caps
  • Disposable Masks
  • Plastic Packaging
  • All-In-One
  • Kitchen Separation


All waste services in Blacktown: provided by Waster!

Waster provides all waste and recycling services in the Blacktown and larger western Sydney area such as general waste, recycling of cardboard, commingled recycling, grease trap services and niche services such as sanitary bins, glass recycling, etc.

For more details on our services, check out our blog on a significant topic known as waste management Sydney where we cover what you need to know about recycling and garbage collection before booking waste services in Blacktown. Also, see our blogs on Seven Hills waste management and Penrith waste services.

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Blacktown is one of the fastest-growing urban and business areas in Sydney and Australia. You can arrange low-cost waste and recycling services for your new or existing business easily with Waster.

We look forward to helping you achieve your business needs.

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